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2007-04-22 Kay Sieverspath_id: remove broken example
2007-04-22 VMiklospath_id: add man page
2007-04-19 Kay Sieversudevd: fix serialization of events
2007-04-12 Kay Sieverscreate_path: don't fail if something else created the...
2007-04-12 Matthias Schwarzottpersistent device naming: add joystick links
2007-04-12 Matthias Schwarzottupdate Gentoo rules
2007-04-11 Harald Hoyercreate_floppy_devices: create nodes with correct selinu...
2007-04-06 Kay Sieversdefault rules: add libata compat links
2007-04-06 Kay Sieversudevinfo: export all information stored in database
2007-04-06 Kay Sieversudevtest: import uevent variables if possible
2007-03-31 Kay Sieversmake ACTION!="add|change" working
2007-03-31 Kay Sieversupdate SUSE rules
2007-03-31 Kay Sieversudevtest: export ACTION string if given as option
2007-03-28 Kay Sieversrelease 108
2007-03-28 Kay Sieversfinally remove the directory event-multiplexer crap
2007-03-28 Matthias Schwarzottupdate Gentoo rules
2007-03-23 Pozsar Balazsudevsettle: read udev not kernel seqnum first
2007-03-23 Kay Sieversdon't write to sysfs files during test run
2007-03-23 Kay Sieversudevinfo: relax check for the correct device if looked...
2007-03-22 Matthias Schwarzottwrite_cd_rules: set default link type to "by-id" for...
2007-03-21 Kay Sieversrelease 107
2007-03-21 Marco d'Itriupdate Debian rules
2007-03-21 Kay Sieversrun_directory: add final warning before removal
2007-03-21 Kay Sieversusb_id: append target:lun to storage device serial
2007-03-21 Kay Sieversudevinfo: print link priority
2007-03-21 Kay Sieversudevtest: add --force mode
2007-03-21 Kay Sieversupdate SUSE rules
2007-03-19 Kay Sieversman: add "link_priority" option
2007-03-19 Kay Sieversupdate TODO
2007-03-19 Kay Sieversif a node goes away, possibly restore a waiting symlink
2007-03-19 Kay Sieversupdate %n on netif name change
2007-03-18 Kay Sieversudevinfo: remove -d option
2007-03-18 Kay Sieversvolume_id: get rid of compiler warning
2007-03-18 Kay Sieverspriority based symlink handling
2007-03-17 Kay Sieversread list of devices from index, make index private...
2007-03-16 Kay Sieversremove old error message
2007-03-16 Kay Sieversselinux: move selinux_exit() to the main programs
2007-03-16 Kay Sieverscleanup already existing db-entries and db-index on...
2007-03-16 Kay Sieverspick actual valid device in udev_db_lookup_name
2007-03-16 Kay Sieversadd link_priority to rule options, and store it in...
2007-03-16 Kay Sieversstore devpath with the usual leading slash
2007-03-16 Jean Tourrilhesudevtest: export UDEV_LOG if we changed it
2007-03-15 Matthias Schwarzottudevmonitor: fix swapped event switch descriptions
2007-03-15 Kay Sieversrestore overwritten symlinks when the device goes away
2007-03-15 Kay Sieversmaintain index over device-names to devpath relation
2007-03-14 Kay Sieversincrease /proc/stat buffer
2007-03-14 Kay Sieversupdate internal variables if we see $DEVPATH during...
2007-03-14 Kay Sieversencode db-file names, instead of just replacing '/'
2007-03-13 Matthias Schwarzottudevd: cleanup std{in,our,err} on startup
2007-03-13 Kay Sieversupdate Gentoo rules
2007-03-12 Kay Sieversdelete dasd_id, it moved to s390-tools
2007-03-12 Kay Sieversupdate Fedora rules
2007-03-11 Kay Sieversdefault rules: wait for 0:0:0:0 scsi devices only
2007-03-10 Kay Sieversudevmonitor: add switch for kernel and udev events
2007-03-08 Kay Sieversman: spelling fixes
2007-03-08 Kay Sieverscreate_floppy_devices: apply specified mode without...
2007-03-07 Kay Sieversman: fix typo
2007-03-07 Kay Sieversman: add missing options to various man pages
2007-03-03 Kay Sieversrelease 106
2007-02-28 Kay Sieversremove dead rule in persistent tape rules
2007-02-27 Jamie Wellnitzpersistent device naming: tape devices and medium changers
2007-02-26 Matthias Schwarzottrule_generator: fix for creating rules on read-only...
2007-02-25 Kay Sieversscsi_id: accept tabs in /etc/scsi_id.conf
2007-02-25 Kay Sieversman: add note about parent matching behavior
2007-02-25 Kay Sieversadd test for an attribute which contains an operator...
2007-02-25 Theodoros V... fix udev attribute names with a colon
2007-02-24 Kay Sieversremove --version from the udevinfo man page
2007-02-24 Matthias Schwarzottadd option --version to udevd
2007-02-24 Kay Sieversupdate DRIVER== changes
2007-02-16 Kay Sieversadd (subsystem) to udevmonitor output
2007-02-16 Kay Sieversapply format chars to ATTR before writing to sysfs
2007-02-14 Kay Sieversupdate example rules
2007-02-14 Kay Sieverscreate_floppy_devices: add option for owner/group
2007-02-05 Kay Sieverspath_id: append LUN to iSCSI path
2007-02-05 Kay Sieversman: correct udevinfo --export-db
2007-02-03 Kay Sieversrelease 105
2007-02-03 Kay Sieversvolume_id: really fix endianess bug in linux_raid detection
2007-02-01 Kay Sieversexclude parent devices from DRIVER== match
2007-02-01 Sergey Vlasovfix %c $string substitution
2007-01-28 A. Costaman: fix typos in scsi_id and udevd
2007-01-23 Matthias Schwarzottfix retry-loop in netif-rename code
2007-01-23 Sergey Vlasovunlink old database file before creating a new one
2007-01-22 Andrey Borzenkovvol_id: document -L
2007-01-21 Sergey Vlasovudevd: init signal pipe before daemonizing
2007-01-21 Andrey Borzenkovvol_id: add -L to print raw partition label
2007-01-21 Matthias Schwarzottcorrect typo in extras/scsi_id/scsi_id.conf
2007-01-21 Peter Breitenlohnerfix INSTALL_PROGRAM vs. INSTALL_SCRIPT
2007-01-02 Kay Sieversrelease 104
2007-01-02 Kay Sieversuse git-archive instead of git-tar-tree
2007-01-02 Kay Sieversupdate Fedora rules
2006-12-08 Kay Sieversrename "udev.c" to "test-udev.c" - it is only for testing
2006-12-08 Kay Sieversremove outdated documentation
2006-12-08 Kay Sieversrename config "filename" to "dir"
2006-12-06 Kazuhiro Inaokainotify syscall definitions for M32R
2006-12-05 Russell CokerSELinux: label created symlink instead of node
2006-11-27 Marco d'Itriscsi_id: remove trailing garbage from ID_SERIAL_SHORT
2006-11-27 Marco d'Itriwrite_cd_rules: identity-based persistence
2006-11-27 Kay Sieversman: recreate from xml
2006-11-27 Kay Sieversman: fix udevmonitor text
2006-11-15 Kay Sieversvolume_id: fix endianess bug in linux_raid detection