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2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v225: Applying various fixes and changes to src...
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v225: Applying various fixes and changes to src...
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v225: Applying various fixes and changes to src...
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v225: Regenerate
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v225: Remove some orphaned files
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v225: Sync build files with upstream
2017-03-14 Lennart Poetteringbus-util: make more properties settable in --property=
2017-03-14 David Herrmannsd-bus: don't list activators as proper peers
2017-03-14 Owen W. Taylorlogind: get a fresh file descriptor to clean up a VT
2017-03-14 Owen W. Taylorlogind: use open_terminal() instead of open()
2017-03-14 Markus ElfringBug #944: Replacement of a free() call by mfree()
2017-03-14 Thomas Hindoe... logind: actually fail on OOM
2017-03-14 reverendhomerCoverity #1299015
2017-03-14 Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... sd-daemon: return EBADF for invalid fd numbers
2017-03-14 Lennart Poetteringsd-bus: ignore BLOOM_FILTER kdbus items
2017-03-14 Matt TurnerUse getxpid syscall on alpha for raw_getpid()
2017-03-14 Alex Crawfordbasic: add LIST_INSERT_BEFORE
2017-03-14 Lennart Poetteringterminal-util: no real reason to assert on O_CREAT
2017-03-14 Lennart Poetteringterminal-util: when resetting terminals, don't wait...
2017-03-14 Kefeng Wanglogind: add standard gpio power button support
2017-03-14 Namhyung Kimsd-bus: cleanup bus_reset_parsed_address()
2017-03-14 Namhyung Kimsd-bus: use mfree() in bus_reset_queues()
2017-03-14 Namhyung Kimsd-bus: cleanup bus_close_fds()
2017-03-14 WaLyong Chosmack-util: revise smack-util apis and add read smack...
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v224: Major cleanup of unneeded functions and...
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v224: Cleaned up src/basic/util.[ch]
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v224: Sync root build files with upstream
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v223: Remove superfluous src/resolve/resolved...
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v220: Updated src/basic/missing.h to upstream...
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v223: Sync basic build system with upstream.
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v222: Update build system:
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v220: Update non-critical root files to the upstre...
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v221: Some more cleanup and a few fixes
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v221: Update and clean up build system to sync...
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v220: Apply "Fixes to user and session saving"
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v220: elogind does not need to register with syste...
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v220: Update src/login/org.freedesktop.login1...
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v220: Remove all source files, taht are not needed...
2017-03-14 Sven EdenPrep v220: Use new cgroups functions
2017-03-14 Sven EdenMerge remaining elogind/master root files of the system...
2017-03-14 Andy WingoClassify processes from sessions into cgroups
2017-03-14 Andy WingoStop sessions on ReleaseSession
2017-03-14 Andy WingoFix the login monitor
2017-03-14 Andy WingoHandle suspend/hibernate/hybrid-suspend/shutdown/reboot...
2017-03-14 Andy WingoBeginnings of handling suspend/etc within logind
2017-03-14 Andy WingoRemove systemd subscription and user/session units
2017-03-14 Andy WingoRemove support for auto-spawning VTs
2017-03-14 Andy WingoActually working with pam
2017-03-14 Andy WingoCreate /run/systemd as needed
2017-03-14 David Herrmannlogind: release VT-positions when closing sessions
2017-03-14 David Herrmannbus-proxy: make StartServiceByName synchronous
2017-03-14 David Herrmannsd-bus: fix parsing of KDBUS_CMD_LIST
2017-03-14 Kay Sieverssd-boot: stub - export LoaderDevicePartUUID
2017-03-14 David Herrmannsd-bus: fix encoding/decoding gvariant root container
2017-03-14 Lennart Poetteringsocket-util: library calls shouldn't log on their own
2017-03-14 Lennart Poetteringresolved: never attempt to resolve loopback addresses...
2017-03-14 Susant Sahaninetworkd: vxlan add support for GBP
2017-03-14 Susant Sahanisd-netlink: introduce api for new NL type NLA_FLAG
2017-03-14 Susant Sahanisd-netlink: add support for new type NETLINK_TYPE_FLAG
2017-03-14 Susant Sahanisd-netlink: add support for vxlan attributes
2017-03-14 David Herrmannsd-bus: fix marshaling of unary type
2017-03-14 David Herrmannsd-bus: drop redundant code
2017-03-14 David Herrmannsd-bus: don't assert() on valid signatures
2017-03-14 Peter Huttererhwdb: add min/max/resolution override for Appletouch...
2017-03-14 Peter Huttererhwdb: add resolution values for Asus K52JT touchpad
2017-03-14 Susant Sahanisd-netlink: Add macvtap support
2017-03-14 Thomas Hindoe... man: typo fixes
2017-03-14 Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... netlink-types: use consistent whitespace at EOL
2017-03-14 daurnimatorsd-bus: remove _VTABLE from new method vtable initialiser
2017-03-14 daurnimatorsd-bus: add 'offset' member for vtable methods
2017-03-14 David Herrmannsd-bus: don't treat KDBUS_ITEM_TIMESTAMP as unknown...
2017-03-14 Torstein Husebøtreewide: fix typos
2017-03-14 Tom Gundersenunits: order networkd after sysctl
2017-03-14 Tom Gundersenresolved: rr - ignore pseudo types in NSEC(3) bitmaps
2017-03-14 Susant Sahanisd-netlink: add bridge NL params
2017-03-14 Susant Sahanisd-netlink: add tunnel params
2017-03-14 David Herrmannsd-bus: fix path of object-manager signals
2017-03-14 Daniel Macklogind: fix write_string_file() fallout
2017-03-14 Tom Gundersenshared: dns-name - introduce dns_label_unescape_suffix()
2017-03-14 Tom Gundersenshared: dns-name - use the canonical dns name ordering
2017-03-14 Susant Sahanisd-netlink: add tunnel NL parameters
2017-03-14 Tom Gundersenshared: dns-name - add dns_name_between()
2017-03-14 David Herrmannlogind: never select closing sessions for a VT
2017-03-14 David Herrmannlogind: prefer new sessions over older ones on VT switches
2017-03-14 Susant Sahaninetworkd: move config_parse_vxlan_group_address
2017-03-14 David Herrmannbus-proxy: never pass on unmatched broadcasts
2017-03-14 David Herrmannsd-bus: fix invalid stack access on test-bus-marshal
2017-03-14 David Herrmannsd-bus: properly match ID changes
2017-03-14 David Herrmannsd-bus: destination-matches cannot match NameOwnerChanged
2017-03-14 David Herrmannsd-bus: fix gvariant structure encoding
2017-03-14 David Herrmannsd-bus: fix object tree to be deeper than 2 levels
2017-03-14 David Herrmannsd-device: never return NULL+0
2017-03-14 Susant Sahaninetworkd: tap add support for vnet_hdr
2017-03-14 Johan Ouwerkerkdoc: configure docbook stylesheet to generate reproduci...
2017-03-14 Johan OuwerkerkUse a top-to-bottom numbering scheme for generating...
2017-03-14 Lennart Poetteringlogind: bring bus policy up-to-date
2017-03-14 Daniel Mackresolved: use a #define for LLMNR port
2017-03-14 Daniel Mackresolved: move LLMNR related functions into separate...
2017-03-14 David Herrmannlogind: rename 'pos' to 'position'
2017-03-14 David Herrmannlogind: allow greeters to take over VTs