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2006-03-29 Kay Sieversmove all *_id programs to /lib/udev/
2006-03-29 Kay Sieversupdate Debian rules
2006-03-28 Kay Sieversman pages: mention udev(7) not udev(8)
2006-03-28 Kay Sieversremove all stripping code
2006-03-28 Kay Sieversvolume_id: define exported symbols
2006-03-27 Kay Sieversvolume_id: remove some global symbols
2006-03-27 Kay Sieversbecause is better than cause
2006-03-27 Kay Sieversvolume_id: use shared library by default
2006-03-27 Kay Sieversvolume_id: rename subdirectory
2006-03-27 Kay Sieversvolume_id: provide a custom debug function
2006-03-23 Kay Sieversupdate man page
2006-03-23 Kay Sieversfix rule order for persistent tape links
2006-03-23 Kay Sieversvolume_id: provide library
2006-03-22 Kay Sieversdon't create uuid/label links for raid members
2006-03-22 Kay Sieverschange rule to skip removable IDE devices
2006-03-22 Hannes Reineckepath_id: add bus to USB path
2006-03-21 Kay Sievers088 release
2006-03-21 Kay Sieversupdate SUSE rules
2006-03-21 Kay Sieversfix output for USB path
2006-03-21 Kay Sieversrename "persistent disk" to "persistent storage"
2006-03-21 Kay Sieversfix spelling error in debug string
2006-03-21 Kay Sieversvolume_id: remove all partition table support
2006-03-21 Hannes Reineckepersistent links: add scsi tape links and usb path...
2006-03-21 Kay Sieversvolume_id: remove partition table parsing code
2006-03-17 Kay Sieversadd ',' to trusted chars
2006-03-17 Kay Sieversadd udevtrigger to request events for coldplug
2006-03-16 Kay Sieverscorrect use of fcntl()
2006-03-16 Kay Sieversreset signal handler in event process
2006-03-08 Kay Sieversvolume_id: add squashfs detection
2006-03-07 Kay Sievers087 release
2006-03-07 Kay Sieversremove devfs rules and scripts
2006-03-07 Kay Sieverswarn about %e, MODALIAS, $modalias
2006-03-07 Kay Sieversfix persistent disk rules to exclude removable IDE...
2006-03-01 Hannes Reineckepath_id: support SAS devices
2006-03-01 Masatake YAMATOtypo in debug text in udev_run_hotplugd.c
2006-02-24 Kay Sievers086 release
2006-02-23 Kay Sieversudevd: fix queue export for multiple events for the...
2006-02-21 Kay Sieversvolume_id: add missing return
2006-02-21 Nixupdate to udev-084/doc/writing_udev_rules
2006-02-21 Kay Sieversvolume_id: split raid and filesystem detection
2006-02-21 Kay Sieversvolume_id: replace __packed__ by PACKED macro
2006-02-21 Kyle McMartinworkaround missing kernel headers for some architectures
2006-02-15 Kay Sievers085 release
2006-02-15 Kay Sieversinclude errno.h in udev_libc_wrapper.c
2006-02-15 Jeroen Rooversfix typo in parisc support to path_id
2006-02-15 Kay Sieversupdate Gentoo rules
2006-02-15 Kay Sieversupdate Red Hat rules
2006-02-15 Kay Sieversupdate SUSE rules
2006-02-15 Kay Sieversexit WAIT_FOR_SYSFS if the whole device goes away
2006-02-13 Kay Sieverscramfs detection for bigendian
2006-02-03 Kay Sieversinclude sys/socket.h for klibc build
2006-02-01 Kay Sieversfix typo in man page
2006-02-01 Andrey BorzenkovFix trivial spelling errors in RELEASE-NOTES
2006-01-31 Kay Sieversmake WAIT_FOR_SYSFS usable in non "wait-only" rules
2006-01-30 Kay Sievers084 release
2006-01-30 Kay Sieversadd debug output to sysfs operations
2006-01-29 Kay Sieverslet SYSFS{} look at the device, not only the parent...
2006-01-29 Kay Sieversoptimize sysfs device and attribute cache
2006-01-28 Kay Sieversscsi_id: remove dead files
2006-01-28 Kay Sieverswhitespace fixes
2006-01-28 Kay Sieversremove UDEVD_UEVENT_INITSEND
2006-01-28 Kay Sieversmove manpages to top level
2006-01-28 Kay Sieversreplace fancy silent build program by simple kernel...
2006-01-27 Kay Sieversswitch CROSS to CROSS_COMPILE
2006-01-27 Kay Sieversupdate SUSE rules
2006-01-27 Kay Sievers083 release
2006-01-27 Kay Sieversremove redundant substitution of RUN key
2006-01-26 Kay Sieversdon't add $SUBSYSTEM automatically as $1 to programs
2006-01-26 Kay Sieversfind programs in /lib/udev for IMPORT if {program}...
2006-01-26 Andrey Borzenkovcheck for ignore_device in loop looks redundant
2006-01-26 Andrey Borzenkovman page: document when substitutions are applied for...
2006-01-26 Kay Sieversudevstart: fix NAME="" which prevents RUN from being...
2006-01-25 Kay Sievers082 release
2006-01-25 Kay Sieverslet "ignore_device" always return the event successfully
2006-01-25 Kay Sieversudevtest: add udev_rules_apply_format() to RUN keys
2006-01-25 Kay Sieversrename apply_format() cause it is public now
2006-01-24 Kay Sieversupdate SUSE rules
2006-01-24 Kay Sieversremove udev, udevstart, udevsend from the default insta...
2006-01-24 Kay Sieversrecreate man pages from xml source
2006-01-24 Kay Sieversmove udev(8) manpage to udev(7)
2006-01-24 Andrey Borzenkovsubstitute format chars in RUN after rule matching
2006-01-24 Kay Sieversincrease kernel uevent buffer size
2006-01-24 Kay Sieversdon't do RUN if "ignore_device" is given
2006-01-23 Kay Sieversusb_id: don't fail on other subsytems than "scsi"
2006-01-23 Kay Sieverspath_id: handle fiber channel
2006-01-23 Kay SieversMakefile: remove dynamic config file generation
2006-01-20 Olivier Blinfixes udev build with -fpie
2006-01-20 Kay Sieversignore all messages with missing devpath or action
2006-01-19 Kay Sieverspath_id: work with "all devices in /sys/devices"
2006-01-18 Kay Sieversscsi_id, usb_id: request device parent by subsystem
2006-01-16 Kay Sievers081 release
2006-01-16 Kay Sieversprepare moving of /sys/class devices to /sys/devices
2006-01-16 Kay Sieversfix BUS, ID, $id usage
2006-01-13 Kay Sieversvol_id: probe volume as user nobody
2006-01-13 Kay Sieversbetter log test and comments
2006-01-10 Kay Sieversadd DEVLINKS to "remove" event
2006-01-09 Kay Sievers080 release
2006-01-09 Kay Sieversreplace libsysfs
2006-01-09 Kay Sieverspath_id: fix invalid character class
2006-01-09 colyfix man page typos