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units: conditionalize static device node logic on CAP_SYS_MODULES instead of CAP_MKNOD
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2014-07-04 Lennart Poetteringunits: conditionalize static device node logic on CAP_S...
2013-10-17 Tom Gundersenstatic-nodes: don't call mkdir
2013-09-28 Dave Reisnerkmod-static-nodes: condition execution on modules.devname
2013-08-22 Khem Rajuse CAP_MKNOD ConditionCapability
2013-08-21 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... units: disable kmod-static-nodes.service in containers
2013-07-22 Tom Gundersenkmod-static-nodes: remain after exit
2013-07-12 Tom Gundersenstatic-nodes: don't hardcode path to mkdir
2013-07-08 Tom Gundersenstatic-nodes: move creation of static nodes from udevd...