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make rename_netif() error messages useful
[elogind.git] / udev_device.c
2006-07-28 Marco d'Itrimake rename_netif() error messages useful
2006-07-21 Kay Sieversuse "change" instead of "online" events
2006-07-02 Kay Sieversnetif rename: optimistic loop for the name to become...
2006-06-14 Kay Sieversallow "online" events to create/update symlinks
2006-06-14 Kay Sieversdon't remove symlinks if they are already there
2006-04-27 Kay Sieversdon't include stropts.h, some libc's don't like it
2006-04-12 Kay Sieversremove old symlinks before creating current ones
2006-04-06 Kay Sieversexport INTERFACE_OLD if we renamed a netif
2006-04-05 Kay Sieversmerge device event handling and make database content...
2006-01-25 Kay Sieverslet "ignore_device" always return the event successfully
2006-01-24 Kay Sieversdon't do RUN if "ignore_device" is given
2006-01-09 Kay Sieversreplace libsysfs
2005-11-12 Kay Sieversremove all built-in wait_for_sysfs logic
2005-08-28 Kay Sieversrename ...trailing_char() to ...trailing_chars()
2005-08-27 Kay Sieversadd and use name_list_cleanup() for cleaning up the...
2005-07-22 Kay Sieversmove code to its own files