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man: clarify $attr{} parent searching
[elogind.git] / udev.xml
2008-07-02 Karl O. Pincman: clarify $attr{} parent searching
2008-05-28 Michal Soltysman: add NAME== match entry
2008-05-20 Kay Sieversrename WAIT_FOR_SYSFS to WAIT_FOR and accept an absolut...
2008-05-19 Erik van Konijnenburgadd substitution in MODE= field
2008-04-21 Kay Sieversadd OPTIONS+="event_timeout=<seconds>"
2008-04-21 Kay Sieversadd $links substitution
2008-04-02 Kay Sieversalso accept real socket files for RUN+="socket:<path>"
2007-11-08 Kay Sieversudevadm: merge all udev tools into a single binary
2007-08-29 Kay Sieversdo not delete the device node with ignore_remove, but...
2007-08-29 Kay Sieversadd $name substitution
2007-07-25 Hannes Reineckeadd $driver subtitution
2007-06-21 Kay Sieversallow to disable the replacement of unusual characters
2007-06-02 Kay Sieversadd TEST=="<file>" key
2007-06-02 Kay Sieversadd $sys substitution
2007-03-19 Kay Sieversman: add "link_priority" option
2007-03-08 Kay Sieversman: spelling fixes
2007-03-07 Kay Sieversman: fix typo
2007-02-25 Kay Sieversman: add note about parent matching behavior
2006-09-23 Bryan Kadzbanadd IMPORT operations to the udev man page
2006-09-07 Kay Sieversman: add $attr{} section about symlinks
2006-08-21 Kay Sieversman: add ATTR{file}="value" assignment
2006-08-19 Kay Sieversconsistent key naming to match only the event device...
2006-08-16 Michał Bartoszkiewiczman pages: fix typos
2006-08-15 Kay Sieversman page: fix typo
2006-07-29 Kay Sieversman pages: work around xmlto which tries to be smart
2006-03-23 Kay Sieversupdate man page
2006-02-01 Kay Sieversfix typo in man page
2006-01-28 Kay Sieverswhitespace fixes
2006-01-28 Kay Sieversmove manpages to top level