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timesyncd: fix typo in comment
[elogind.git] / src / timesync / timesyncd.c
2014-05-16 Kay Sieverstimesyncd: fix typo in comment
2014-05-15 Kay Sieverstimesyncd: fix error path return value
2014-05-08 Tom Gundersentimesyncd: read global operational state from networkd
2014-05-08 Tom Gundersentimesyncd: only run when the system has a carrier on...
2014-05-07 Kay Sieverstimesyncd: shorten log message
2014-05-06 Lennart Poetteringtimesyncd: never accept NTP time from server that is...
2014-05-06 Lennart Poetteringtimesyncd: read server settings from a configuration...
2014-05-06 Lennart Poetteringtimesyncd: when an NTP server doesn't respond, proceed...
2014-05-06 Lennart Poetteringlist: make LIST_FIND_TAIL work for empty lists
2014-05-06 Lennart Poetteringtimesyncd: keep order of NTP servers
2014-05-06 Lennart Poetteringtimesyncd: make sure to reread /etc/resolv.conf when...
2014-05-06 Kay Sieverstimesyncd: accept NTP version 3 responses
2014-05-05 Lennart Poetteringtimesyncd: add a more servers by default
2014-05-05 Lennart Poetteringtimesyncd: also try next server when sendto() fails
2014-05-05 Lennart Poetteringtimesyncd: don't busy loop when we cannot connect to...
2014-05-05 Lennart Poetteringtimesyncd: properly handle multiple configured NTP...
2014-05-05 Lennart Poetteringtimesyncd: lookup name server via sd-resolve, support...
2014-05-05 Lennart Poetteringtimesync: use safe_close() where possible
2014-05-05 Lennart Poetteringtimesync: always initialize structs when declaring...
2014-05-05 Kay Sieverstimesyncd: log drift value as signed
2014-05-03 Kay Sieverstimesyncd: log drift correction
2014-04-30 Kay Sieverstimesyncd: use nanosecond mode
2014-04-30 Kay Sieverstimesyncd: remove debug code
2014-04-29 Kay Sieverstimesyncd: limit debug values to milliseconds
2014-04-29 Kay Sieverstimesyncd: update log message
2014-04-29 Kay Sieverstimesyncd: add unit and man page
2014-04-28 Kay Sieversrename timedate-sntp to timesync