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missing: add IFF_MULTI_QUEUE
[elogind.git] / src / shared / missing.h
2014-08-31 Tom Gundersenmissing: add IFF_MULTI_QUEUE
2014-08-26 Michael Olbrichmissing: add BPF_XOR
2014-08-22 Daniel Mackmissing.h: add a cpp warning for __NR_memfd_create...
2014-08-22 Daniel Mackmissing.h: add fake __NR_memfd_create for MIPS
2014-08-18 Lennart PoetteringMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2014-08-18 Daniel Mackmemfd: fix memfd_create() syscall wrapper
2014-08-17 Daniel Mackkdbus: switch over to generic memfd implementation...
2014-08-08 Tom Gundersenudev: link_setup - respect kernel name assign policy
2014-08-03 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... Move BTRFS_IOC_DEVICES_READY to missing.h
2014-08-01 Lennart Poetteringmissing: add missing bonding definitions
2014-07-31 Lennart Poetteringresolved: implement LLMNR uniqueness verification
2014-07-29 Lennart Poetteringresolve: add llmnr responder side for UDP and TCP
2014-07-22 Jean-André SantoniAdd IFLA_VTI defines to missing.h
2014-07-16 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... missing.h: add IFLA_MACVLAN_FLAGS
2014-06-21 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... missing.h: add various network enums
2014-05-10 Tom Gundersenrtnl: message - read group membership of incoming messages
2014-04-05 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... build-sys: add newly used if_link.h defines to missing.h
2014-03-21 Lennart Poetteringmissing: add more compat for old kernels and loop devices
2014-03-19 Lennart Poetteringmissing: define LO_FLAGS_PARTSCAN if it is missing
2014-03-05 Lennart Poetteringmissing: if RLIMIT_RTTIME is not defined by the libc...
2014-02-21 Lennart Poetteringmissing: simplifications
2014-02-21 Holger Schurigbuild-sys: Add setns() functions if not in the C library.
2014-02-19 Tom Gundersenmissing.h: add some IFLA_* constants
2014-01-29 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... Base mkostemp_safe on mkostemp
2014-01-28 Lennart Poetteringutil: define O_TMPFILE on x86/x86-64, where the generic...
2014-01-28 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... journal: guarantee async-signal-safety in sd_journald_sendv
2013-09-17 David Herrmannlogind: introduce session-devices
2013-08-16 Michael Marineaubuild-sys: Add configure check for linux/btrfs.h
2013-08-13 Lennart Poetteringmissing: use btrfs.h instead of defining our own btrfs...
2013-07-11 Shawn Landdenbasic SO_REUSEPORT support
2013-07-03 Jason St. Johnreplace tabs with spaces in various files
2013-05-16 Chengwei YangFix syscall(__NR_fanotify_mark, ...) on arm
2013-02-12 Auke KokMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-02-12 Aleksander Morgadomissing: define MS_REC and MS_SHARED if not defined...
2013-01-07 Tom GundersenMerge nss-myhostname
2012-11-24 Lennart Poetteringtimer: recalculate next elapse for calendar timer units...
2012-10-26 Lennart Poetteringjournal: provide an API that allows client to figure...
2012-10-19 Michael Olbrichmake sure __NR_name_to_handle_at is correctly defined
2012-10-15 Michael Olbrichbuild-sys: check for name_to_handle_at declaration...
2012-09-21 Eelco Dolstramissing: Fix compilation error due to wrong __NR_name_t...
2012-09-16 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... build-sys: __secure_getenv lost dunder in libc 2.17
2012-09-04 Lennart Poetteringmissing: define name_to_handle_at on our own if it...
2012-07-24 Auke Kokmain: set PR_SET_CHILD_REAPER for MANAGER_USER
2012-07-19 Shawn Landdenuse #pragma once instead of foo*foo #define guards
2012-07-17 Lennart Poetteringexecute: support syscall filtering using seccomp filters
2012-06-01 Lennart Poetteringmissing: define MS_STRICTATIME if not defined already
2012-05-14 Andreas Schwabmissing: Fix broken syscall(__NR_fanotify_mark... on...
2012-04-12 Kay Sieversmove remainig shared stuff to shared/