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sd-bus: support matching on destination names
[elogind.git] / src / libelogind / sd-bus / bus-control.c
2017-03-14 David Herrmannsd-bus: support matching on destination names
2017-03-14 David Herrmannbus: we now support path_namespace=/
2017-03-14 David Herrmannbus: fix arg0path= two-way matching
2017-03-14 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... sd-bus: store selinux context at connection time
2017-03-14 Torstein Husebøtreewide: fix typos
2017-03-14 Lennart Poetteringsd-bus: properly handle creds that are known but undefi...
2017-03-14 Lennart Poetteringsd-bus: when bus operations are to be executed on direc...
2017-03-14 Lennart Poetteringsd-bus: expose ppid field
2015-04-19 Andy WingoRename more things to elogind