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Prep v221: Update and clean up build system to sync with upstream
[elogind.git] / src / boot /
2017-03-14 Kay Sieverssd-boot: stub - export LoaderDevicePartUUID
2015-04-19 Andy WingoRemove src/boot
2015-03-19 David Herrmannbootctl: drop redundant parse_argv()
2015-03-14 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... efi: widen operand to avoid overflow
2015-03-11 Kay Sieversboot: efi - add config option to disable the command...
2015-03-09 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... boot/efi: do not assign variable twice
2015-03-01 Kay Sieversboot: efi - ignore .conf snippets starting with "auto-"
2015-03-01 Kay Sieversboot: efi - remove a couple of Loader* variables
2015-02-27 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... bootctl: avoid NULL pointer dereference
2015-02-27 Marcel Holtmannboot: efi - fix missing include
2015-02-26 Kay Sieversboot: efi - remove custom splash support
2015-02-26 Kay Sieversboot: efi - split graphics and splash handling
2015-02-26 Kay Sieversboot: efi - support embedded splash image
2015-02-26 Kay Sieversboot: efi - print generic error message if we fail...
2015-02-26 Kay Sieversboot: efi - remove default boot splash handling
2015-02-25 Thomas Hindoe Paab... bootctl: check that partition uuid is valid
2015-02-24 Thomas Hindoe Paab... bootctl: fix mem leaks
2015-02-23 Thomas Hindoe Paab... remove unused includes
2015-02-20 Kay Sieversbuild-sys: update gitignore
2015-02-18 Thomas Hindoe Paab... systemd-boot: fix alignment of version in table
2015-02-18 Tom Gundersengummiboot/sd-boot/systemd-boot: rename galore
2015-02-17 Kay Sieversbootctl: add sd-boot support
2015-02-12 Thomas Hindoe Paab... Add missing includes in header files
2014-08-04 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... Unify parse_argv style
2014-02-19 Lennart Poetteringmake gcc shut up
2014-01-31 Greg KHuse memzero(foo, length); for all memset(foo, 0, length...
2013-12-31 Stefan Bellerboot-efi: Remove superfluous assignment
2013-11-09 Thomas Hindoe Paab... bootctl: remove unused options from getopt_long
2013-11-06 Lennart Poetteringclients: unify how we invoke getopt_long()
2013-11-05 Thomas Hindoe Paab... bootctl: typo fix in help message
2013-09-24 Kay Sieverssupport acpi firmware performance data (FPDT)
2013-03-29 Koen Kooibootctl: fix help text
2013-03-28 Kay Sieversbootctl: ESP --> Partition
2013-03-28 Kay Sieversbootctl: Binary: --> File:
2013-03-27 Kay Sieversbootctl: rename status output header
2013-03-10 Kay Sieversbootctl: print Options only when found
2013-03-10 Kay Sieversbootctl: print secure boot flags
2013-02-17 Kay Sieversbootctl: show "n/a" for empty boot option labels
2013-02-13 Thomas Hindoe Paab... use streq instead of strcmp
2013-02-13 Kay Sieversbootctl: always show slashes not backslashes
2013-02-13 Kay Sieversefi: unify BootXXXX reading
2013-02-13 Lennart Poetteringboot: add stub Makefile symlink
2013-02-12 Auke KokMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-02-12 Lennart Poetteringefi: various cleanups
2013-02-11 Kay Sieversbootctl: print partition uuids as /dev/disk/by-partuuid/...
2013-02-11 Kay Sieversbootctl: add boot loader and firmware interface tool