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2013-01-07 Tom GundersenMerge nss-myhostname
2012-12-31 Marcel Holtmannhwdb: Add database for Bluetooth company identifiers
2012-12-23 Kay Sievershwdb: update
2012-12-14 Kay Sievershwdb: update comments and data
2012-12-09 Kay Sievershwdb: update
2012-12-06 Kay Sievershwdb: update
2012-12-06 Mantas Mikul─Śnashwdb: ids-update: close the right file handles
2012-12-04 Tom Gundersenhwdb: add IAB to the OUI database
2012-12-02 Kay Sievershwdb: fix upstream typo in PNP data
2012-12-02 Kay Sievershwdb: update PNP ids
2012-12-02 Kay Sievershwdb: update data
2012-11-20 Kay Sievershwdb: update
2012-11-16 Kay Sievershwdb: update
2012-11-09 Tom Gundersenhwdb: change pci.ids location
2012-11-09 Kay Sieversudev: hwdb - update usb class descriptions
2012-11-09 Kay Sieversudev: hwdb - add usb class descriptions
2012-11-09 Kay Sieversudev: hwdb - add pci class descriptions
2012-11-09 Kay Sievershwdb: OUI - use ID_OUI_FROM_DATABASE=
2012-11-07 Kay Sievershwdb: add IEEE OUI data
2012-11-07 Kay Sievershwdb: update pci data
2012-10-25 Kay Sieversudev: hwdb: add acpi/pnp vendor description file
2012-10-23 Kay Sieversudev: add hardware database support