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[elogind.git] / hwdb / 70-mouse.hwdb
2015-02-16 Lennart Poetteringhwdb: fix syntax
2015-02-14 Lukas Märdianhwdb: Microsoft Microsoft 3-Button Mouse
2015-01-16 Peter Huttererhwbd: add click angle for the Logitech M325
2015-01-15 Peter Huttererhwdb: add MOUSE_WHEEL_CLICK_ANGLE as property
2015-01-09 Lennart Poetteringhwdb: add Kay's Laser Mouse to the dpi database
2015-01-08 Peter Huttererhwdb: add missing line between the G400 entries
2015-01-08 Peter Huttererhwdb: note that we care about the maximum frequency...
2015-01-08 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... hwdb: adjust max frequency of Logitech RX 250
2015-01-07 Jonas Ådahlhwdb: mouse DPI data, Logitech Gaming Mouse G400
2015-01-04 Peter Huttererhwdb: fix a typo
2015-01-04 Peter Huttererhwdb: revert Logitech Optical USB Mouse
2014-12-31 Christoph Brillhwdb: mouse DPI data, Logitech USB Laser Mouse M-U0011-O
2014-12-31 Christoph Brillhwdb: mouse DPI data, Logitech M-UAS144
2014-12-31 Christoph Brillhwdb: mouse DPI data, Fujitsu Siemens OEM
2014-12-30 Christoph Brillhwdb: mouse DPI data, Logitech MK260 aka M-R0011
2014-12-30 Christoph Brillhwdb: mouse DPI data, Chicony 2.4G Multimedia Wireless Kit
2014-12-25 Tom Gundersenhwdb: mouse - add Razer Abyssus
2014-12-23 Peter Huttererhwdb: add rule and first entry for PS/2 mice
2014-12-23 Frank Theilehwdb: Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 DPI data
2014-12-21 Frank Theilehwdb: Lenovo USB mouse MO28UOL DPI data
2014-12-18 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... hwdb: move Logitech mouse to the right spot
2014-12-18 Erik Auerswaldhwdb: Logitech, Inc. RX 250 Optical Mouse DPI data
2014-12-18 Tim JPhwdb: Logitech, Inc. RX 300 Optical Mouse DPI data
2014-12-16 Peter Huttererhwdb: Logitech MX1000, another Lenovo USB mouse
2014-12-16 Peter Huttererhwdb: more an entry for the MS Sculpt Ergonomic
2014-12-15 Daniel Mackhwdb: fix ordering
2014-12-15 Daniel Mackhwdb: Logitech G400s
2014-12-15 Harald Hoyerhwdb: Logitech MX 518
2014-12-12 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... hwdb: add more mice
2014-12-12 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... hwdb: sort mice by brand,type,dpi,frequency
2014-12-10 Torstein Husebøhwdb: fix typo
2014-12-10 Lennart Poetteringhwdb: add two more mice to the DPI database
2014-12-10 Lennart Poetteringhwdb: add another Logitech mouse (M-BZ96C)
2014-12-10 Lennart Poetteringhwdb: add DPI data for M325 mouse
2014-12-09 Peter Huttererhwdb: add more mouse DPI entries
2014-11-27 Peter Huttererhwdb: add a new db for the DPI/frequency settings of...