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rules_generator: add KERNEL=="<netifname>*" to generated rules
[elogind.git] / extras / rule_generator / write_net_rules
2008-03-13 Kay Sieversrules_generator: add KERNEL=="<netifname>*" to generate...
2007-12-31 Jiri Slabyrules_generator: add missing write_net_rules unlock
2007-09-21 Kay Sieversrule_generator: move all policy from write_net_rules...
2007-08-02 Kay Sieversrules_generator: skip random MAC addresses
2007-07-25 Kay Sieversrules_generator: remove "installation" function
2007-07-25 Hannes Reineckerules_generator: add S/390 persistent network support
2006-09-05 Marco d'Itriadd persistent rules generator for net devices and...