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automount: implement automount unit type
[elogind.git] / execute.c
2010-04-16 Lennart Poetteringautomount: implement automount unit type
2010-04-15 Lennart Poetteringsocket: optionally call accept() for incoming connectio...
2010-04-15 Lennart Poetteringcore: add minimal templating system
2010-04-13 Lennart Poetteringexecute: fix terminal chowning logic
2010-04-13 Lennart Poetteringexecute: make flags_fds() parameters const
2010-04-13 Lennart Poetteringexecute: minor cleanups
2010-04-13 Lennart Poetteringexecute: chown() the tty when running owning them
2010-04-13 Lennart Poetteringexecute: get rid of gcc warning
2010-04-13 Lennart Poetteringexecute: reset signal handlers when executing
2010-04-13 Lennart Poetteringrework tty handling
2010-04-10 Lennart Poetteringexecute: introduce exec_command_done() to free data...
2010-04-10 Lennart Poetteringexecute: introduce exec_command_set() for easy setting...
2010-04-10 Lennart Poetteringexecute: improve exec_spawn() logging
2010-04-10 Lennart Poetteringexecute: automatically record start/exit timestamps...
2010-04-07 Lennart Poetteringservice: optionally, call setsid() on services
2010-04-06 Lennart Poetteringutil: move close_all_fds() to util.c
2010-04-06 Lennart Poetteringexecute: use fd_nonblock()//fd_cloexec() where applicable
2010-03-31 Lennart Poetteringcgroup: add cgroupsification
2010-03-31 Lennart Poetteringexecute: try to suppress PR_SET_SECUREBITS if unnecessary
2010-02-14 Lennart Poetteringexecute: implement privilige dropping properly
2010-02-14 Lennart Poetteringexecute: simplify appending to execution list
2010-02-12 Lennart Poetteringexecute: allow configuration of O_NONBLOCK flag from...
2010-02-03 Lennart Poetteringexecute: drop now unnecessary GCC pragma again
2010-02-03 Lennart Poetteringbuild: basic autoconfization
2010-02-03 Lennart Poetteringlicense: add GPLv2+ license blurbs everwhere
2010-02-03 Lennart PoetteringMerge remote branch 'kay/master'
2010-02-02 Kay Sieversuse linux/sched.h instead of sched.h for older glibc
2010-02-02 Lennart Poetteringbuild: make gcc shut up
2010-02-02 Lennart PoetteringMerge remote branch 'kay/master'
2010-02-02 Lennart Poetteringexecute: allow configuration of SCHED_RESET_ON_FORK
2010-02-01 Lennart Poetteringadd basic (and not very useful) D-Bus support
2010-01-30 Lennart Poetteringgreatly extend what we enforce as process properties
2010-01-29 Lennart Poetteringsupport chrooting/setting of ioprio when spawning
2010-01-28 Lennart Poetteringset nice/oom_adjust only when asked for
2010-01-28 Lennart Poetteringimplement proper logging for services
2010-01-27 Lennart Poetteringdrop O_CLOEXEC/O_NONBLOCK from files intended for forke...
2010-01-27 Lennart Poetteringreset signal mask when forking
2010-01-27 Lennart Poetteringfix an assert when forking
2010-01-27 Lennart Poetteringyay, we can start socket units
2010-01-27 Lennart Poetteringproperly terminate strings with NUL byte
2010-01-26 Lennart Poetteringvarious cleanups
2010-01-26 Lennart Poetteringfirst attempt at proper service/socket logic
2010-01-23 Lennart Poetteringfirst attempt in implementinging execution logic