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default rules: add libata compat links
[elogind.git] / etc / udev / rules.d / 60-persistent-storage.rules
2007-04-06 Kay Sieversdefault rules: add libata compat links
2007-03-12 Kay Sieversdelete dasd_id, it moved to s390-tools
2007-02-28 Kay Sieversremove dead rule in persistent tape rules
2007-02-27 Jamie Wellnitzpersistent device naming: tape devices and medium changers
2007-02-14 Kay Sieversupdate example rules
2006-11-14 Kay Sieversupdate example rules
2006-10-13 Kay Sieverspersistent storage rules: skip gnbd devices
2006-09-30 Kay Sieversupdate default rules
2006-09-23 Bryan Kadzbancleanup default rules
2006-09-07 Kay Sieversrevert persistent-storage ata-serial '_' '-' replacement
2006-09-06 MUNEDA Takahirochanges rules for ata disk from '_' to '-'
2006-08-20 Kay Sieversupdate default rules
2006-08-11 Kay Sieversadd 'crypto' devices to persistent storage rules
2006-08-11 Kay Sieversmove default rules to etc/udev/rules.d/