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libudev: handle "device" link as parent, handle "class" "block" as "subsystem"
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2008-09-11 Kay Sieversrelease 128
2008-09-10 Kay Sieversuse size definitions from libudev
2008-09-10 Kay Sieversvolume_id: merge util.h in libvolume_id-private.h
2008-08-29 Kay Sieversrelease 127
2008-08-28 Kay Sieversvolume_id: remove deprecated functions and bump major...
2008-08-27 Kay Sieverslibudev: add library to access udev information
2008-08-12 Kay Sieversadd some warnings
2008-08-08 Kay Sieversbuild: remove autopoint check
2008-07-29 Kay Sieversuse autotools