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[PATCH] Make udev/udevstart be one binary
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2005-04-27 trini@kernel.crash... [PATCH] Make udev/udevstart be one binary
2005-04-27 trini@kernel.crash... [PATCH] Add 'asmlinkage' to udev-030
2005-04-27[PATCH] 030 release 030
2005-04-27[PATCH] 029 release 029
2005-04-27[PATCH] 028 release 028
2005-04-27[PATCH] 027 release 027
2005-04-27[PATCH] 026 release 026
2005-04-27[PATCH] 025_bk mark
2005-04-27[PATCH] udev default config layout changes
2005-04-27[PATCH] v025 release 025
2005-04-27[PATCH] Fix build process for users who have LC_ALL...
2005-04-27[PATCH] v024 release 024
2005-04-27[PATCH] only generate udev.8 on the fly, not all other...
2005-04-27[PATCH] switch to generate the man pages during the...
2005-04-27[PATCH] first step of making man pages dynamically...
2005-04-27[PATCH] add install and uninstall the etc/dev.d/net...
2005-04-27[PATCH] udevd race conditions and performance, assorted...
2005-04-27[PATCH] 023_bk mark
2005-04-27[PATCH] v023 release 023
2005-04-27[PATCH] create the /etc/dev.d/ directories in 'make...
2005-04-27[PATCH] remove selinux stuff from the main Makefile
2005-04-27[PATCH] remove dbus stuff from main Makefile
2005-04-27[PATCH] remove udev_dbus.h from Makefile
2005-04-27[PATCH] add /etc/dev.d/ support for udev add and remove...
2005-04-27[PATCH] 022_bk tag
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix 'make spotless' to really do that in klibc.
2005-04-27[PATCH] first stupid try for a rule compose gui
2005-04-27[PATCH] replace fgets() with mmap() and introduce udev_...
2005-04-27[PATCH] make udevtest a real program :)
2005-04-27[PATCH] 022 release 022
2005-04-27[PATCH] make spotless
2005-04-27[PATCH] udev* segfaults with new klibc
2005-04-27[PATCH] 021_bk mark
2005-04-27[PATCH] 021 release 021
2005-04-27[PATCH] install udevinfo in /usr/bin
2005-04-27[PATCH] Fix another problem with Makefile installing...
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix the Makefile to install the init script...
2005-04-27[PATCH] 020 release 020
2005-04-27[PATCH] man page udevstart
2005-04-27[PATCH] install udevstart
2005-04-27[PATCH] automatically install correct initscript
2005-04-27[PATCH] add udevstart program based on a old patch...
2005-04-27[PATCH] 019_bk mark
2005-04-27[PATCH] udev - kill udevd on install
2005-04-27[PATCH] 018 release 019
2005-04-27[PATCH] Add initial SELinux support for udev
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix build for very old versions of make.
2005-04-27[PATCH] do not remove real .udev.tdb during RPM build
2005-04-27[PATCH] remove udevtest on 'make clean'
2005-04-27[PATCH] 018_bk mark
2005-04-27[PATCH] v018 release 018
2005-04-27[PATCH] udev - udevd/udevsend man page
2005-04-27[PATCH] add ability to install udevtest to Makefile
2005-04-27[PATCH] 017_bk mark
2005-04-27[PATCH] v017 release 017
2005-04-27[PATCH] remove the .udev.tdb when installing or uninsta...
2005-04-27[PATCH] add udevtest program to build
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix up 'make release' to use bk to build the...
2005-04-27[PATCH] compile udevd with klibc
2005-04-27 azarah@nosferatu... [PATCH] make logging a config option
2005-04-27[PATCH] convert udevsend/udevd to DGRAM and single...
2005-04-27[PATCH] udevd - kill the lockfile
2005-04-27[PATCH] udevd - switch socket path to abstract namespace
2005-04-27[PATCH] 016_bk mark
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix up Makefile dependancies for udev_version.h
2005-04-27[PATCH] v016 release 016
2005-04-27[PATCH] make /etc/hotplug.d/default/udev.hotplug symlin...
2005-04-27[PATCH] add KERNEL_DIR option so that the distros will...
2005-04-27[PATCH] let udevsend build with klibc
2005-04-27[PATCH] rework the logging code so that each program...
2005-04-27[PATCH] udevd - config cleanup
2005-04-27[PATCH] udevd - cleanup and better timeout handling
2005-04-27[PATCH] udevd - next round of fixes
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix Makefile typo for USE_LSB install.
2005-04-27[PATCH] 015_bk mark
2005-04-27[PATCH] v015 release 015
2005-04-27[PATCH] clean up udevinfo on 'make clean'
2005-04-27[PATCH] create initial version of udevinfo man page.
2005-04-27[PATCH] add udevinfo to install target of Makefile
2005-04-27[PATCH] more makefile cleanups
2005-04-27[PATCH] move udevinfo into the main build and clean...
2005-04-27[PATCH] udevd - cleanup and better timeout handling
2005-04-27[PATCH] clean up compiler warnings if building using...
2005-04-27[PATCH] spilt udev into pieces
2005-04-27[PATCH] 014_bk mark
2005-04-27[PATCH] 014 release 014
2005-04-27[PATCH] clean up the logging patch a bit to make the...
2005-04-27[PATCH] add udev logging to info log
2005-04-27[PATCH] 013_bk mark
2005-04-27[PATCH] v013 release 013
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix klibc with printf() and gcc
2005-04-27[PATCH] udev - Makefile error
2005-04-27 eike-hotplug@sf... [PATCH] LSB init script and other stuff
2005-04-27[PATCH] 012_bk change.
2005-04-27[PATCH] v012 release 012
2005-04-27[PATCH] move the dbus config file to etc/dbus-1/system.d/
2005-04-27[PATCH] move the config files to etc/udev to clean...
2005-04-27[PATCH] if using glibc, link dynamically, as no one...
2005-04-27[PATCH] depend on all .h files
2005-04-27[PATCH] 011_bk tag