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release 104
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2007-01-02 Kay Sieversrelease 104
2007-01-02 Kay Sieversuse git-archive instead of git-tar-tree
2006-12-08 Kay Sieversrename "udev.c" to "test-udev.c" - it is only for testing
2006-12-08 Kay Sieversrename config "filename" to "dir"
2006-10-20 Kay Sieversrelease 103
2006-10-10 Kay Sieversrelease 102
2006-09-30 Kay Sieversrelease 101
2006-09-07 Kay Sieversremove Makefile magic for leading '0' in version
2006-09-07 Kay Sieversrelease 100
2006-09-06 Kay Sieversrelease 099
2006-08-27 Kay Sieversupdate source file headers
2006-08-22 Kay Sievers098 release
2006-08-16 Kay Sieversrename udev_libc_wrapper -> udev_sysdeps
2006-08-13 Kay Sievers097 release
2006-08-04 Kay Sieversswitch ifdef __KLIBC__ to ifndef __GLIBC__
2006-08-04 Kay SieversMakefile: fix dependency
2006-07-09 Kay Sievers096 release
2006-07-04 Kay Sievers095 release
2006-06-12 Kay Sievers094 release
2006-05-29 Kay Sievers093 release
2006-05-27 Kay Sieversremove udevsend
2006-05-12 Kay Sievers092 release
2006-04-25 Kay Sievers091 release
2006-04-15 Kay Sievers090 release
2006-04-05 Kay Sieversmerge device event handling and make database content...
2006-04-04 Kay Sieversudevd: export current seqnum and add udevsettle
2006-04-03 Kay Sievers089 release
2006-03-29 Kay Sieverspass CROSS_COMPILE to AR and RANLIB down to extras/
2006-03-28 Kay Sieversremove all stripping code
2006-03-21 Kay Sievers088 release
2006-03-17 Kay Sieversadd udevtrigger to request events for coldplug
2006-03-07 Kay Sievers087 release
2006-02-24 Kay Sievers086 release
2006-02-15 Kay Sievers085 release
2006-01-30 Kay Sievers084 release
2006-01-28 Kay Sieverswhitespace fixes
2006-01-28 Kay Sieversmove manpages to top level
2006-01-28 Kay Sieversreplace fancy silent build program by simple kernel...
2006-01-27 Kay Sieversswitch CROSS to CROSS_COMPILE
2006-01-27 Kay Sievers083 release
2006-01-25 Kay Sievers082 release
2006-01-24 Kay Sieversremove udev, udevstart, udevsend from the default insta...
2006-01-24 Kay Sieversmove udev(8) manpage to udev(7)
2006-01-23 Kay SieversMakefile: remove dynamic config file generation
2006-01-16 Kay Sievers081 release
2006-01-09 Kay Sievers080 release
2006-01-09 Kay Sieversreplace libsysfs
2005-12-29 Brent Cookfix dependency for make -j2
2005-12-22 Kay Sievers079 release
2005-12-17 Kay Sievers078 release
2005-12-15 Kay Sieversallow C99 statements
2005-12-04 Kay Sievers077 release
2005-12-04 Kay Sieversadd target to to generate ChangeLog section
2005-12-04 Kay Sieversupdate SUSE rules
2005-11-22 Kay Sievers076 release
2005-11-22 Scott James RemnantMakefile: fail, if submake fails
2005-11-17 Kay Sieversdon't start udevd from udevsend
2005-11-16 Kay SieversMakefile: remove exec_prefix and srcdir
2005-11-16 Kay Sieversremove "udev_db" option from config file
2005-11-12 Kay Sieversremove all built-in wait_for_sysfs logic
2005-11-10 Kay Sievers075 release
2005-11-10 Kay Sieversreplace udeveventrecorder by a shell script
2005-11-09 Greg Kroah-HartmanMerge branch 'master' of gregkh@/linux/hotplug/udev
2005-11-09 Kay Sieversremove our own copy of klibc
2005-11-07 Kay Sievers074 release
2005-11-07 Kay Sieversremove udevinitsend
2005-11-07 Kay Sievers073 release
2005-11-07 Kay Sieversudevd: depend on netlink and remove all sequence reorde...
2005-11-05 Kay Sievers072 release
2005-11-05 Kay Sieversremove precompiled rules option
2005-10-27 Kay Sievers"STRIPCMD=" for the EXTRAS
2005-10-27 Kay Sievers"make STRIPCMD=" will disable the stripping of binaries
2005-10-27 Kay Sieverscleanup make release
2005-10-27 Kay Sieversallow to pass STRIPCMD, to skip stripping of binaries
2005-10-27 Kay Sieversuse DESTDIR on uninstall, no need to pass prefix to...
2005-10-27 Kay Sieverscleanup compiler/linker flags
2005-10-19 Kay Sievers071 release
2005-10-16 Kay Sieversfix selinux compilation
2005-09-14 Greg KH070 release
2005-09-14 Kay Sieversadd install test to 'make buildtest'
2005-09-14 Kay SieversEXTRAS: cleanup and sync all Makefiles
2005-09-14 Jürg BilleterEXTRAS/Makefile: fix install targets to match main...
2005-09-13 Greg KH069 release
2005-09-12 Kay Sieversfic gcov use and move it into the Makefile
2005-09-12 Kay SieversMakefile: cleanup install targets
2005-09-10 Kay SieversMakefile: fix prerequisits for $(PROGRAMS)
2005-08-30 Kay Sieversall man pages rewritten to use DocBook XML
2005-08-30 Kay SieversMakefile: remove all the duplicated rules
2005-08-30 Kay Sieverswrite man page masters in DocBook XML
2005-08-28 Kay Sieversadd uft8 validation for safe volume label exporting
2005-08-18 Greg KH068 release
2005-08-15 Kay Sieversmove udevmonitor to /usr/sbin
2005-08-13 Greg Kroah-Hartman067 release
2005-08-12 Kay Sieversfix make install, as we don't provide a default rule...
2005-08-11 Greg KH066 release
2005-08-10 Kay Sieverssplit udev_util in several files
2005-08-02 Greg Kroah-Hartman065 release
2005-08-01 Kay Sieversadd udevmonitor, to debug netlink+udev events at the...
2005-07-31 Kay Sieversfix GGC signed pointer warnings and switch volume_id...
2005-07-23 Greg Kroah-Hartman063 release