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2014-07-19 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... Nuke update-kbd-map
2014-07-19 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... tweaks to python commands
2014-07-18 David Herrmannterminal: add unifont font-handling
2014-07-18 David Herrmannterminal: only build if --enable-terminal was specified
2014-07-18 David Herrmannterminal: add systemd-subterm example
2014-07-18 David Herrmannterminal: add screen-handling
2014-07-18 David Herrmannterminal: add parser state-machine
2014-07-17 Thomas Hindoe Paab... test-tables: fix build-scan
2014-07-17 Tom Gundersennetworkd-wait-online: track links
2014-07-17 Lennart Poetteringresolved: add DNS cache
2014-07-17 David Herrmannui/term: add line/cell/char handling for terminal pages
2014-07-17 David Herrmannshared: add PTY helper
2014-07-17 David Herrmannnspawn: use Barrier API instead of eventfd-util
2014-07-17 David Herrmannshared: add generic IPC barrier
2014-07-16 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... test-tables: add new entries
2014-07-16 Michael Bieblbuild-sys: don't move libgudev to /lib
2014-07-16 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... journal-upload: add config file
2014-07-16 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... journal-remote: rework fd and writer reference handling
2014-07-16 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... journal-remote: add units and read certs from default...
2014-07-16 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... journal-upload: use journal as the source
2014-07-16 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... journal-upload: a tool to push messages to systemd...
2014-07-16 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... Move network-related journal programs to src/journal...
2014-07-16 Kay Sieversresolved: add busname unit file
2014-07-16 Kay Sieversresolved: add legacy dbus service and policy files
2014-07-16 Lennart Poetteringresolved: add small NSS module that uses resolved to...
2014-07-15 Lennart Poetteringresolved: add a DNS client stub resolver
2014-07-15 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... shell-completion: restore completion for -p
2014-07-14 Tom Gundersennetworkd: netdev - introduce vtable for netdev kinds
2014-07-14 Tom Gundersennetworkd: netdev - split out bridge creation
2014-07-11 Jon Severinssonbuild-sys: Do not distribute generated emergency.service
2014-07-11 Mike GilbertRevert "build-sys: include PolicyKit files as part...
2014-07-11 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... Fix build without any compression enabled
2014-07-11 Lennart Poetteringnss-mymachines: add new NSS module for automatically...
2014-07-11 Lennart Poetteringbuild-sys: export sd_path APIs
2014-07-10 Lennart Poetteringnss-myhostname: move NSS boilerplate to nss-util.h
2014-07-10 Lennart Poetteringshared: split out in_addr related calls from socket...
2014-07-10 Lennart Poetteringnss-myhostname: move local address listing logic into...
2014-07-10 Lennart Poetteringnss-myhostname: only export the NSS entry point symbols...
2014-07-10 Lennart Poetteringnss-myhostname: following the usual naming scheme for...
2014-07-09 Kay Sieverstimedated: manage systemd-timesyncd directly instead...
2014-07-08 Michael Bieblescape: move to rootbindir
2014-07-07 Michael Biebladd new systemd-escape tool
2014-07-07 Susant Sahaninetworkd: add support for mode
2014-07-07 Lennart Poetteringfirstboot: get rid of firstboot generator again, introd...
2014-07-07 Lennart Poetteringfirstboot: add new component to query basic system...
2014-07-07 Lennart Poetteringshared: make timezone and locale enumeration and valida...
2014-07-06 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... compress: add benchmark-style test
2014-07-06 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... journal: add LZ4 as optional compressor
2014-07-03 Lennart Poetteringbuild-sys: bump package and library versions v215
2014-07-03 Susant Sahaninetworkd: Introduce tun/tap device
2014-07-03 Tom Gundersennetworkd: split out vlan and macvlan handling
2014-07-02 Lennart Poetteringpath: add new "systemd-path" utility for querying paths...
2014-07-01 Tom Gundersennetworkd: netdev - add dummy support
2014-06-30 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... Move x-systemd-device.timeout handling from core to...
2014-06-30 Lennart Poetteringpc: expose more drop-in dirs in the .pc file
2014-06-29 Lennart Poetteringsysusers: split up default sysusers snippet
2014-06-27 Lennart Poetteringcoredump: add simple coredump vacuuming
2014-06-26 Filipe Brandenburgerbuild-sys: include PolicyKit files as part of distribution
2014-06-26 Michael Olbrichinstall: enable timesyncd by default
2014-06-25 Ronny Chevaliertests: add test-compress
2014-06-24 Kay Sieversnspawn: create essential base directories at system...
2014-06-24 Ronny Chevalierbuild-sys: do not run coverage if build failed
2014-06-24 Ronny Chevaliertests: add test-ratelimit
2014-06-22 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... Add systemd-coredumpctl as an alias for coredumpctl
2014-06-21 Ronny Chevaliertests: add test-async
2014-06-21 Ronny Chevaliertests: add test-capability
2014-06-21 Ronny Chevalierbuild-sys: add -pthread flag for libsystemd-shared
2014-06-21 Kay Sieversbuild-sys: replace nm with $(NM)
2014-06-21 Kay Sieversgudev: replace regex with sym file
2014-06-21 Kay Sieverspam_systemd: replace regex with sym file
2014-06-21 Kay Sieverspam_systemd: rename source file to match the module
2014-06-20 Filipe Brandenburgerbuild-sys: check that compat-libs are enabled for ...
2014-06-20 Filipe Brandenburgerbuild-sys: check that python is enabled for "make dist"
2014-06-20 Filipe Brandenburgerbuild-sys: configure --with-python when running distcheck
2014-06-20 Filipe Brandenburgerbuild-sys: do not include id128-constants.h in the...
2014-06-20 Filipe Brandenburgerbuild-sys: add sysusers.d/systemd.conf to CLEANFILES
2014-06-20 Michael Marineautest: ensure conf_files_list returns absolute paths
2014-06-19 Filipe Brandenburgersd-dhcp6-client: include dhcp6-protocol.h in the list...
2014-06-19 Filipe Brandenburgersd-dhcp6-client: fix path of sd-icmp6-nd.h in
2014-06-19 Filipe Brandenburgersd-dhcp6-client: remove bogus dependency on dhcp6-icmp6.h
2014-06-19 Lennart Poetteringdebug-generator: add new generator
2014-06-19 Patrik Flyktsd-dhcp6-lease: Add DHCPv6 lease handling
2014-06-19 Patrik Flyktsd-dhcp6-client: Add DHCPv6 Solicit test case
2014-06-19 Patrik Flyktsd-dhcp6-client: Add basic DHCPv6 option handling
2014-06-19 Patrik Flyktsd-dhcp6-client: Add basic DHCPv6 test cases
2014-06-19 Patrik Flyktsd-icmp6-nd: Add initial Router Advertisement test...
2014-06-19 Patrik Flyktsd-icmp6-nd: Add Router Solicitation and Advertisement...
2014-06-19 Lennart Poetteringcoredump: coredumpctl is so useful now, make it a first...
2014-06-19 Lennart Poetteringcoredump: include stacktrace of coredumps in the log...
2014-06-18 Lennart Poetteringcoredump: optionally store coredumps on disk, not in...
2014-06-18 Lennart Poetteringnetworkd: add address pool support
2014-06-17 Lennart Poetteringcryptsetup: introduce new cryptsetup-pre.traget unit...
2014-06-17 Ronny Chevalierbuild-sys: add missing backslash
2014-06-17 Lennart Poetteringbuild-sys: touch /usr on "make install"
2014-06-17 Lennart Poetteringpreset: ship a minimal preset file upstream
2014-06-16 Ronny Chevaliertests: add test-fdset
2014-06-16 Ronny Chevaliertests: add test-socket-util
2014-06-16 Susant Sahaninetworkd: introduce vxlan
2014-06-16 Lennart Poetteringunits: add a service to invoke ldconfig on system updat...
2014-06-13 Lennart Poetteringrpm: add RPM macros to apply sysusers, sysctl, and...