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2017-01-07 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 2.16.1 debian/2.16.1
2017-01-07 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup: New mode --check which is readonly.
2017-01-07 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 2.17~
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 2.16 archive/debian/2.16 debian/2.16
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup: Put our version in our rewrite...
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup: Skip our own output refs
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup: Instructions comment
2017-01-06 Ian JacksonShell bug: avoid local=$(....) as it defeats set -e
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksontest suite: badcommit-rewrite: Check HEAD manipulation...
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup: Do not detach HEAD - this is...
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksontest suite: New test for history-rewriting
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup: Now seems to work
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup: Debugging (commented out)
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksontest suite: lib-core: Provide DGIT_BADCOMMIT_FIXUP
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksontest suite: t-make-badcommit: Generate a commit we...
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup: Bugfixes
2017-01-06 Ian JacksonChange name of rewrite map ref (needs an extra / for...
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksontest suite: Break out t-make-badcommit
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit: Honour dgit-rewrite-map
2017-01-06 Ian Provide git_cat_file
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup: Implement dgit-rewrite-map
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup: Break out filter_updates
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup: Remove obsolete variable
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup: Do update sameness filtering...
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup: Remove failing approach
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup: Ship
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup: Rename
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: Merge from a filtered view of my perso...
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 2.16~
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: remove some debug
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: dummy add seems workingish
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: break out $bare
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: wip dummy commits
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: wip dummy commits
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 2.15 (will not be uploaded) debian/2.15
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: break out $bare
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: reorganise arg parsing
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksontest suite: Do not tolerate any stderr output from...
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksontest suite: Introduce t-expect-fsck-fail
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksontest suite: Make expect_fsck_fail contain objids
2017-01-05 Ian JacksonMerge tag dgit/2.14 into `defence in dgit-repos-server...
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksontest suite: Test bad commit defence in drs-push-rejects
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: Defend against bad commits (from...
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: only detach bare
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: fix a git-
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: seems to work
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: seems to do main thing
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: wip
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: wip g-f-b
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: wip g-f-b
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: before no g-f-b
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: more wip
2017-01-04 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 2.14 archive/debian/2.14 debian/2.14
2017-01-04 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup wip
2017-01-04 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document changes
2017-01-04 Ian Jacksondgit: Do not generate bogus commits
2017-01-04 Ian Jacksontest suite: Clean out erroneous reflog in a worktree
2017-01-04 Ian Jacksontest suite: Run git-fsck a lot
2017-01-04 Ian Jacksontest suite: Add some missing calls to t-ok.
2017-01-04 Ian Jacksontest suite: Introduce t-ok.
2017-01-04 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 2.14
2016-12-21 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 2.14
2016-12-21 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 2.13 archive/debian/2.13 debian/2.13
2016-12-20 Ian Jacksonchangelog: document dgit-sponsorship fix
2016-12-20 Sean Whittondgit-sponsorship(7): Update in light of fixed #844129
2016-12-20 Ian Jacksonchangelog: document dgit-maint-gbp fix
2016-12-20 Sean Whittondgit-maint-gbp(7): Remove reference to closed bug.
2016-12-20 Ian JacksonImport fix: Switch back to unpa branch on patch import...
2016-12-20 Ian JacksonImprove "cannot represent change" message
2016-12-20 Ian Jacksonquilt fixup: Permit creation of patches which delete...
2016-12-20 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 2.13
2016-12-19 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 2.12 archive/debian/2.12
2016-12-19 Ian Jacksonabsurd/git: Do not fail to import a .dsc containing...
2016-12-19 Ian Jacksonabsurd/git Do not fail to import certain weird .dscs
2016-12-19 Ian JacksonProduce better error reporting when absurd git wrapper...
2016-12-19 Ian Jacksonabsurd/git: Better debugging
2016-12-19 Ian Jacksonabsurd/git: Introduce log()
2016-12-19 Ian JacksonDo not fail when cloning a package containing dangling...
2016-12-19 Ian JacksonBy default, generate a DEP-14 tag as well as a dgit...
2016-12-19 Ian Jacksondgit: Break out access_cfg_tagformats_can_splitbrain
2016-12-19 Ian JacksonSuppress some leftover debugging output from import...
2016-12-19 Ian JacksonIf we cannot hardlink origs into our extraction area...
2016-12-19 Ian Jacksondgit: Give better advice if .dsc/.changes signing fails
2016-12-19 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Mention #844128
2016-12-19 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document closure of #847987
2016-12-19 Philip Handsdgit-maint-native: clarify which sort of native
2016-12-19 Ian JacksonSlightly better message when .dsc not found.
2016-12-19 Ian JacksonVersion tags mangling: Protect dots, as per proposed...
2016-12-19 Ian JacksonIntroduce dep14_version_quote
2016-12-19 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Mention dgit-maint-merge changes
2016-12-19 Ian JacksonMerge remote-tracking branch 'spwhitton/maint-merge...
2016-12-19 Ian JacksonProvide and use stunt lintian and debuild
2016-12-19 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-policy-debian; Unset GIT_ALTERNATE_OBJECT_DI...
2016-12-19 Sean Whittondgit-maint-merge(7): Add upstream remote after dgit...
2016-12-19 Sean Whittondgit-maint-merge(7): Missing 'first'
2016-12-19 Sean Whittondgit-maint-merge(7): Add upstream remote when converting
2016-12-19 Sean Whittondgit-maint-merge(7): After converting, need --overwrite
2016-12-19 Sean Whittondgit-maint-merge(7): Converting existing packages
2016-12-19 Sean Whittondgit-maint-merge(7): Missing -o
2016-11-09 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 2.12~