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2021-02-12 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 9.13
2021-02-12 Helmut Grohnedgit.1: drop remark about sbuild not building arch...
2021-02-12 Sean Whittondgit-maint-*(7): Advice for git-debpush users
2021-01-29 Ian Jacksongitattributes defuse: work even if .git/info/attributes...
2020-08-19 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 9.13
2020-08-19 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 9.12
2020-08-19 Sergio Durigan... dgit-mirror-ssh-wrap: Cope with yet another new rsync...
2020-06-22 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 9.12
2020-06-22 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 9.11
2020-06-22 Ian Jacksonchangelog: update for further changes
2020-06-22 Ian Jacksondgit-mirror-ssh-wrap: Cope with new rsync rune
2020-06-22 Ian Jacksondgit-mirror-ssh-wrap: Fix syntax for multiple patterns
2020-06-22 Ian Jacksondgit-mirror-ssh-wrap: Clarify the error message
2020-06-22 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase(1): Fix new-upstream -i docs
2020-06-22 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: new-upstream: Do not treat late options...
2020-06-22 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: Fix error message for wrong use of -i
2020-06-22 Ian Jacksontests: Print pwd in failure trap
2020-06-22 Ian Jacksontest suite: Provide navigation banner when exiting...
2020-06-22 Ian Jacksontest suite: manpages-format: Cope with buster & eatmydata
2020-06-22 Ian Jacksontest suite: manpages-format: Provision for always-expec...
2020-06-22 Ian JacksonFix upstream_commitish_search API
2020-06-22 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: Rename a variable $ups_tag to $ups_rev
2020-05-28 Sean Whittonchangelog: Update
2020-05-28 Sean WhittonDgit::upstream_commitish_search: fail if more than...
2020-05-28 Sean Whittondgit-maint-debrebase(7): Drop bad advice about upstream...
2020-02-03 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Start 9.11
2020-02-03 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Finalise 9.10
2020-02-02 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document changes so far since 9.9
2020-02-02 Ian Jacksoni18n-commit - autogenerated
2020-02-02 Frans Spiesschaerti18n: Updated nl.po file
2020-02-02 Sean Whittondgit-maint-debrebase(7): Import tarball before committi...
2020-02-02 Sean Whittond-m-{merge,debrebase}(7): Set 'merge' in gbp.conf
2020-02-02 Sean Whittond-m-{merge,debrebase}(7): Use an 'upstream/' tag prefix...
2020-02-02 Ian Jacksondgit(1): Do not talk about `intermediate' uploads
2020-02-02 Ian JacksonTerminology: Change "rewind" to "rewrite" where appropriate
2020-02-02 Ian Jacksondgit(1): Cover more cases of --overwrite and --deliberately
2020-02-02 Sean Whittongit-debpush: avoid a pipefail problem in get_file_from_ref
2020-02-02 Ian Jacksontests: import-dsc: Test corrupted ENV (#950446)
2020-02-02 Ian Jacksondgit: absurd: Work around mangled env metadata from gbp
2020-02-02 Ian Jacksondgit: absurd: Break out PATH filtering
2020-02-01 Ian Jacksondgit: absurd: Provide a way for absurd git to print...
2019-09-14 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 9.10
2019-09-14 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 9.9 archive/debian/9.9 debian/9.9
2019-09-14 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document changes since 9.8
2019-09-14 Ian Jacksoni18n-commit - autogenerated
2019-09-14 Ian Jacksondgit-maint-bpo(7): Mention occasional need for --new
2019-09-14 Sean Whittongit-debpush(1): warning about use of forcing options
2019-09-14 Sean Whittongit-debpush(1): note that --quilt=baredebian+git is...
2019-09-13 Ian Jacksoninfra: dgit-mirror-ssh-wrap: Fix $package_re
2019-09-13 Ian Jacksontest suite: Add missing dependency on liburl-perl
2019-09-13 Ian Jacksondebian/control: Add missing dependency on liburl-perl
2019-09-13 Ian Jacksontest suite: Test dgit-mirror-ssh-wrap
2019-09-13 Ian Jacksoninfra: New script dgit-mirror-ssh-wrap
2019-09-13 Ian Jacksonlintian: Override source format warnings
2019-09-08 Ian Jacksoni18n-commit - autogenerated
2019-09-08 Ian Jacksonlintian: Override some checks
2019-09-08 Ian Jacksoncontrol: update Vcs-Git to end in .git
2019-09-08 Ian Jacksoncontrol: Drop redundant Priority field
2019-09-08 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: Extend extended description.
2019-09-08 Ian Jacksondgit(1): Fix a typo (found by lintian)
2019-09-08 Ian Jacksoncontrol: Bump Standards-Version
2019-09-08 Ian Jacksoncontrol: Change priority of dgit-infrastruture to extra
2019-09-08 Sean Whittondgit-maint-{merge,debrebase}(7): Use git fetch --tags...
2019-09-06 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 9.9
2019-09-06 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 9.8 archive/debian/9.8 debian/9.8
2019-09-06 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document changes since 9.7
2019-09-06 Ian Jacksoni18n-commit - autogenerated
2019-09-06 Ian Jacksontest suite: Check that archive skew machinery reports...
2019-09-06 Ian Jacksontest suite: Check that archive skew machinery succeeds
2019-09-06 Ian Jacksondgit: Once again cope with archive skew
2019-09-06 Ian Jacksontest suite: clone-skew: Test for accessing mirror via...
2019-09-06 Ian Jacksontest suite: t-archive: Honour t_archive_ln_s
2019-09-06 Ian Jacksondgit: curl: pass CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION
2019-09-05 Sean Whittondgit-maint-{merge,debrebase}(7): Use git fetch --all...
2019-09-05 Ian Jacksontest suite: Test already-tagged check
2019-09-05 Ian Jacksondgit: Fail early when the archive/ tag already exists.
2019-09-05 Ian Jacksontest suite: Add --force-reusing-version to many tests
2019-09-05 Ian Jacksondgit(1): Another semantic linefeed
2019-09-05 Ian Jacksondgit: Warn when we see what look like our options passe...
2019-09-05 Ian Jacksondgit: Use distro-info-data to resolve unknown suites...
2019-09-05 Ian Jacksondgit(1): Some semantic linefeeds
2019-09-05 Ian Jacksondgit: Use $tarball_f_ext_re for test_source_only_changes
2019-09-05 Ian JacksonDgit: Break out $tarball_f_ext_re.
2019-08-11 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase(5): Tiny typo fix
2019-08-11 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Start 9.8
2019-08-11 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 9.7 archive/debian/9.7 debian/9.7
2019-08-10 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document chages since 9.6
2019-08-10 Ian Jacksoni18n-commit - autogenerated
2019-08-10 Ian Jacksondgit: vcs-git handling: Strip [...] a la Haskell Team
2019-08-10 Ian Jacksondgit: update-vcs-git: Use vcs_git_url_of_ctrl
2019-08-10 Ian Jacksondgit: update-vcs-git: Print a less confusing message...
2019-08-10 Ian Jacksondgit: update-vcs-git: Do not crash if url is unchanged
2019-08-10 Ian Jacksondgit: Break out vcs_git_url_of_ctrl
2019-08-10 St├ęphane Glondudgit: Fix on NFS (avoid leaking an open file in a direc...
2019-08-10 Ian Jacksontest suite: alternating-dgit: New test
2019-08-10 Ian Jacksontest suite: Use http git check for three existing tests
2019-08-10 Ian Jacksondgit: WWW::Curl: Double check that $response_body was set
2019-08-10 Ian Jacksondgit: WWW::Curl Set $response_body to '' explicitly
2019-08-10 Ian Jacksontest suite: examplegit: Call t-select-package
2019-08-10 Ian Jacksontest suite: Break out t-non-dgit-upload