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2016-10-30 Sean Whittondgit-sponsorship(7): Suggest pristine-tar(1)
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksondgit-sponsorship.7 (wip)
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksondgit-user(7), dgit-nmu-simple(7): Much work
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksondgit-user(7): More work in progress
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksondgit-user(7): work in progress
2016-10-25 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 2.9~
2016-10-25 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Finalise 2.8 archive/debian/2.8
2016-10-25 Ian Jacksonbuild modes handling: Check for stray .changes on all...
2016-10-25 Ian Jacksonbuild changes handling: Break out midbuild_checkchanges
2016-10-25 Ian JacksonTest suite: build-mode-*: Check that right .changes...
2016-10-25 Ian Jacksonbuild changes handling: Run mergechanges when needed...
2016-10-25 Ian Jacksonbuild changes handling: Introduce postbuild_mergechanges
2016-10-25 Ian JacksonTest suite: bm-*: turn bm-report-source into bm-report...
2016-10-25 Ian Jacksonabsurd git-apply fallback: defend against debian/patche...
2016-10-24 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Start 2.8~
2016-10-24 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Finalise 2.7 archive/debian/2.7
2016-10-24 Ian JacksonTest suite: Provide absurd-gitapply test
2016-10-24 Ian JacksonImport: Allow --force to enable/disable
2016-10-24 Ian JacksonIgnore unknown force options (with a warning)
2016-10-24 Ian JacksonProvide --force-dsc-changes-mismatch
2016-10-24 Ian JacksonProvide --force-unsupported-source-format
2016-10-24 Ian JacksonImport: Docuemnt absurdity in changelog
2016-10-24 Ian JacksonImport: Use absurd `git apply' emulation if gbp pq...
2016-10-24 Ian JacksonBuild system substitutions, for absurdities
2016-10-24 Ian Break out failedcmd_waitstatus
2016-10-23 Ian JacksonProvide --force-unrepresentable.
2016-10-23 Ian Jacksondgit: --force-*: Provide framework
2016-10-23 Ian Jacksondgit(1): Some more info about --deliberately.
2016-10-23 Ian Jacksondgit(1): Reorder the options, moving more important...
2016-10-23 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 2.7~
2016-10-23 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Finalise 2.6 archive/debian/2.6
2016-10-23 Ian Jacksondgit: ftpmaster api fetch: Check http error code (!)
2016-10-23 Ian failedcmd_report_cmd: Break out of failedcmd
2016-10-23 Ian Jacksoncurl invocation: archive-api-query subcommand: pass...
2016-10-23 Ian Jacksoncurl invocation: Always honour @curl
2016-10-23 Ian Jacksoncurl invocation: Remove -f from @curl, and add it at...
2016-10-23 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Start 2.6~
2016-10-23 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 2.5 archive/debian/2.5
2016-10-23 Ian JacksonProvide --gbp and --dpm as aliases for --quilt=gbp...
2016-10-23 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Tidy up
2016-10-23 Ian Jacksonsolit brain: Do not crash in when the two brains are...
2016-10-22 Ian Jacksondefault config: Switch to new archive/ tag format
2016-10-22 Ian JacksonTest suite: overwrite junk: Use $tagpfx where applicable
2016-10-22 Ian JacksonTest suite: Introduce setup/gnupg
2016-10-22 Ian JacksonTest suite: Propagate tmpbase into nested (setup) runs
2016-10-22 Ian JacksonTest suite: setup import: Cope with nested and multiple...
2016-10-21 Ian Jacksondgit-maint-merge(7): Add paragraph split
2016-10-20 Sean Whittondgit-maint-merge(7): Move remarks on upstream orig
2016-10-20 Sean Whittondgit-maint-merge(7): Tweak wording
2016-10-20 Ian Jacksondebian/changelog: Document dgit-maint-merge(7)
2016-10-20 Ian Jacksondgit-maint-merge(7): Fiercer instructions about legally...
2016-10-20 Ian Jacksondgit-maint-merge(7): Fix a typo "upsteram"
2016-10-20 Ian Jacksondgit-maint-merge(7): Mention what to do if upstream...
2016-10-20 Ian JacksonManpages: Add note about other contributors to dgit...
2016-10-20 Sean WhittonManpage: add dgit-maint-merge(7) to SEE ALSO
2016-10-20 Sean Whittondebian/copyright: add myself
2016-10-20 Sean WhittonManpage: add dgit-maint-merge.7.pod
2016-10-20 Sean WhittonMakefile: build and clean prospective *.7.pod
2016-10-20 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Start 2.5
2016-10-20 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Finalise 2.4 debian/2.4
2016-10-20 Ian Jacksondgit(1): Document which --ch: options are a good idea.
2016-10-20 Ian Jacksonsplit brain cache: Add a dummy ref update when necessary
2016-10-20 Ian Jacksonsplit brain cache: Use git log -g
2016-10-20 Ian Jacksonsplit brain cache: Fix a wrong implicit reference to...
2016-10-20 Ian Jacksondgit-cache reflog: Make note in comment about --create...
2016-10-18 Ian Jacksondgit gbp-build: No longer invent a --git-debian-branch...
2016-10-18 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Start 2.4
2016-10-18 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Finalise 2.3 debian/2.3
2016-10-18 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document fixes to #841101
2016-10-18 Ian JacksonTest suite: overwrite-splitbrains: New test
2016-10-18 Ian Jacksonpseudomerge: Suppress checks in split brain mode with...
2016-10-18 Ian Jacksonpseudomerge: When generating pseudomerge in quilt split...
2016-10-18 Ian JacksonTest suite: t-gbp-example-prep-no-ff: break out from...
2016-10-18 Ian Jacksonpseudomerge: Abolish confusing $dgitview variable
2016-10-18 Ian JacksonTest suite: ovewrite-junk: New test
2016-10-18 Ian JacksonTest suite: ovewrite-version: Add missing "echo ok."
2016-10-18 Ian Jacksonpseudomerge: In non-splitbrain, do not look at previous...
2016-10-18 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Start 2.3
2016-10-17 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Finalise 2.2 debian/2.2
2016-10-17 Ian JacksonDetect SIGPIPE (and SIGCHLD) being blocked or ignored...
2016-10-17 Ian Jacksondebian config; actually make split brain mode work...
2016-10-16 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Finalise 2.1 archive/debian/2.1
2016-10-16 Ian JacksonTest suite: Add test that #840989 is fixed
2016-10-16 Ian Jacksondgit: Import handling Do not crash due in clone
2016-10-16 Ian JacksonTest suite: Filter out .../git-core from PATH so that...
2016-10-16 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document git- prefix changes
2016-10-16 Ian Jacksongit- prefixes: Test suite: fix tests/tests/quilt
2016-10-16 Ian Jacksongit- prefixes: Test suite: Fix t-gbp-example-prep
2016-10-16 Ian Jacksongit- prefixes: Fix dgit-repos-policy-debian
2016-10-16 Ian Jacksongit- prefixes: Change `git-foo' to `git foo' in messages
2016-10-16 Ian Jacksongit- prefixes: Change `git-foo' to `git foo' in docs...
2016-10-16 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 2.0
2016-10-16 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Finalise 2.0 archive/debian/2.0
2016-10-16 Ian Jacksondgit: Improve two error messages relating to .changes...
2016-10-16 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Prepare for 2.0 (~~ right now)
2016-10-15 Ian JacksonTest suite: Do not fail when git requires --allow-unrel...
2016-10-15 Ian JacksonTest suite: stunt parsechangelog: Some commented-out...
2016-10-15 Ian JacksonTest suite: tstunt-parsechangelog: Produce Timestamp...
2016-10-15 Ian JacksonTest suite: unset empty redacted paths
2016-10-15 Ian JacksonTest suite: Fix entirely-broken tstunt PERLLIB arrangements