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2016-10-10 Ian Jacksondgit.1: Clarify the --clean= options' documentation...
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonTest suite: Test that we pass correct -v to genchanges
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonTest suite: stunt add comment about %options
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonArrange for the special dgit remote to be skipped by...
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonDon't break if user has push.followTags=true. Closes...
2016-10-10 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Fix location of a bugfix entry
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonUpdate changelog for fetch spec
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonUpdate changelog for in-archive copies
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonUpdate changelog for --quilt= split brain
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonUpdate changelog for tag format
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonMake --quilt=gbp the default for dgit gbp-build.
2016-10-10 Ian Jacksondgit.1: Document --quilt=gbp et al.
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonTODO.BRANCH: Quilt output improved now
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonTest suite: quilt: Test that our patch makes it through...
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonTest suite: quilt: Provide Gbp-pq headers in our new...
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonQuilt output: Honour and strip Gbp-pq headers
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonQuilt admin commits: Provide [dgit ...] in all of them
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonQuilt output: Normalise trailing newlines in commit...
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonQuilt output: Include Date header
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonQuilt output: Produce output like git-format-patch
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonREADME.dsc-import: Ship to /usr/share/doc
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonREADME.dsc-import: Document actually-imported approach
2016-10-10 Ian Jackson.gitignore: Add debhelper-build-stamp
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonNOTES: Remove obsolete file
2016-10-10 Ian Jacksongbp options: done from TODO.BRANCH
2016-10-10 Ian Jacksongbp options: Document
2016-10-10 Ian JacksonManpage: Embolden some command option strings
2016-10-10 Ian Jacksongbp options: Honour --gbp-pq instead of --gbp
2016-10-08 Ian Jacksongbp options: Provide --gbp-build
2016-10-08 Ian Jacksongbp options: Introduce gbp_pq function (nfc)
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonNew import: Tidy up output from gbp pq
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonTest suite: import-nonnative: Enhanced and finished
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonNew import: Set GIT_COMMITTER_* and GIT_AUTHOR_*
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonSplit brain: Set GIT_AUTHOR_* too
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonSplit brain: .gitignore patch: Slightly better commit...
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonNew import: Add dependency on git-buildpackage
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonTest suite: import-native: New test
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonTest suite: Make t-archive-none idempotent
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonTest suite: Fix two test cases (git-foo => git foo)
2016-10-08 Ian Jacksondgit: New fetch algorithm: Fix a message
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonNew import: Get rid of some pointless output
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonNew import: Import: Add a lot of debugging
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonTest suite: import-quilt: Initial version of new test...
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonImport: orig files: cope with signatures
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonImport: orig files: Fix .orig-comp pattern match
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonTODO.BRANCH: Consequences of new import
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonNew import: Entirely new import algorithm
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonNew import: make_commit_text: Some more debug
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonNew import: Introduce make_commit_text (nfc)
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonTest suite: stunt parsechangelog: fallback
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonNew import: Print synthesised git commit message a...
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonFix up .orig detection to be less trustful of (ambiguou...
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonTODO.BRANCH: a todo item
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonNew import: Slightly better message in mktree_in_ud_fro...
2016-10-08 Ian JacksonNew import: mktree_in_ud_from_only_subdir: New $raw...
2016-09-28 Ian JacksonFix two calls to chdir without proper error checking.
2016-09-28 Ian JacksonDo not fail to do some important quilt processing in...
2016-09-28 Ian JacksonImport: Consolidate emails into coherent plan
2016-09-28 Ian JacksonImport: Copy plan from emails
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonTest suite: quilt-gbp: Test that we crash if archive...
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonSplit brain: Check that archive supports "maint", earlier
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonTest suite: Make t-newtag specify maint too
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonTest suite: Test --overwrite (without VERSION)
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonOverwrite: Document --overwrite option (without VERSION)
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonOverwrite: Support --overwrite without a version
2016-09-26 Ian Jacksondgit: getfield, parsechangelog: Fix two bugs in error...
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonOverwrite: Refer to $i_arch_v->[0] twice in plain_overw...
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonPseudomerge: pseudomerge_make_commit: Lift up some...
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonOverwrite: Fix messages referring to --overwrite-version
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonTest suite: Test --overwrite=VERSION
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonOverwrite: Document --overwrite=VERSION
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonOverwrite: Provide --overwrite=VERSION option
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonTODO.BRANCH: Check before doing split tag
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonDefault config: Switch to new tag format only
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonOvewrite: Honour $overwrite_version in non-split-brain...
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonPseudomerge: Break out pseudomerge_version_check and...
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonSplit brain: Better tag format filtering
2016-09-26 Ian Jacksondgit: infopair tag fetch: Support multiple tags
2016-09-26 Ian Jacksondgit: Break out `infopair' functions
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonSplit brain pseudomerge: Test $overwrite_version for...
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonSplit brain: Only send rpush maint-view param if $maint...
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonTODO.BRANCH: Have quilt-splitbrains test now
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonTest suite: quilt-splitbrains: Comment
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonTest suite: quilt-splitbrains: Rename
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonTest suite: Test --quilt=unapplied and --quilt=dpm
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonTest suite: t-gbp-pushed-good: Refactor (nfc)
2016-09-26 Ian Jacksondgit: Some extra error reports for wrong split brain...
2016-09-26 Ian Jacksondgit: Allow --quilt=dpm
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonTest suite: Add two "echo ok."s
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonTest suite: oldnewtagalt: New test
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonTest suite: Add spelling test
2016-09-26 Ian JacksonFix spelling of "pseudo"
2016-09-26 Ian Jacksondgit: Turn off in our hidden working tree setups
2016-09-25 Ian JacksonTest suite: examplegit: Importers inherit majorv too
2016-09-25 Ian JacksonTODO.BRANCH: Add a todo list item
2016-09-25 Ian JacksonTest suite: Add t-tstunt-parsechangelog to a couple...
2016-09-25 Ian JacksonTODO.BRANCH: Done drs-quilt-gbp (actually debpolicy-*)
2016-09-25 Ian JacksonTest suite: quilt-gbp-build-modes-sbuild: Split out
2016-09-25 Ian JacksonTest suite: quilt-gbp-build-modes: Lift bulk into lib...
2016-09-25 Ian JacksonTODO.BRANCH: Gardening (reorg only)