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dgit-repos-policy-debian: WIP bugfixes
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2015-05-31 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-policy-debian: WIP bugfixes
2015-05-31 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-policy-debian: Add debugging output
2015-05-31 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: Use shellquote() where appropriate...
2015-05-31 Ian JacksonDebugging: Use's facilities in dgit-repos-server
2015-05-31 Ian JacksonInfra: add some more debugging
2015-05-31 Ian JacksonImplement cron mode for dgit-repos-server and correspon...
2015-05-31 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: Break out policy_checkpackage()...
2015-05-31 Ian JacksonPolicy hook sets mode of NEW repos (and policy protocol...
2015-05-31 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-policy-debian: Break out statpackage (nfc)
2015-05-31 Ian JacksonDGIT_TEST_DEBUG: Improve plumbing and honour in policy...
2015-05-31 Ian JacksonPolicy hook protocol: pass dgit live directory (nfc)
2015-05-31 Ian JacksonTurn all perl warnings into errors
2015-05-31 Ian JacksonAbolish $realdestrepo variable and replace with function.
2015-05-31 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: Check that no args follow --ssh
2015-05-31 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: Break out mode_ssh and generalise...
2015-05-31 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server etc.: Rework argument & distros-dir...
2015-05-31 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: Set internal $suitesfile and $keyrin...
2015-05-31 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: Document forthcoming --cron option
2015-05-31 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-policy-debian: Many bugfixes
2015-05-31 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: Pass $dgitrepos properly to stunt...
2015-05-31 Ian JacksonNew policy admin script
2015-05-31 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-policy-debian: Fix misleading varible name
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonBugfixes (now tests/tests/drs-clone-nogit works)
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonDebian policy: Merge remaining relevant comments into...
2015-03-22 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-policy-debian: retry on db commit failure
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonRepos policy machinery: better docs, etc.
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonWIP Debian policy
2015-03-22 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: run push-confirm hook
2015-03-22 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: Further fixes to locking; rename...
2015-03-22 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: Sort out locking hierarchy (and...
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonSupport --deliberately-not-fast-forward
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonWIP Debian policy
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonIntroduce git_for_each_ref
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonMove stat_exists to
2015-03-22 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: Deal with FRESHREPO from push hook
2015-03-22 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: Make $policy a global
2015-03-22 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: Move onwardpush and break up its...
2015-03-22 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: Break out movetogarbage
2015-03-22 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: Break out mkrepo_fromtemplate
2015-03-22 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: break out mkemptyrepo
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonWIP Debian policy
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonExport policy hook exist status flags from
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonMove $package_re into Debian::Dgit
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonHonour policy hook
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonIntroduce policy-hook script into dgit-ssh-dispatch...
2015-03-22 Ian Jacksondgit: Introduce "deliberatelies"
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonWIP Debian policy
2015-03-22 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: check suite a little later
2015-03-22 Ian Jacksondgit git tags mention the distro explicitly; dgit-repos...
2015-03-22 Ian Jacksoninfra: Pass distro to dgit-repos-server
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonWIP Debian policy
2014-11-09 Ian JacksonNew dgit-infrastructure binary package containing dgit...
2014-11-08 Ian Jacksoninfra/dgit-ssh-dispatch: New production infra script
2014-11-08 Ian Jacksoninfra/ssh-wrap: New example script
2014-11-08 Ian Jacksoninfra: Provide get-dm-txt