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test suite: lib-gdr: Break out t-gdr-prep-new-upstream
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2018-08-03 Ian Move upstreamversion from dgit
2018-08-03 Ian Deconfuse argument orders of is_orig_file_of_p...
2018-08-03 Ian Jacksondgit: Improve error message for unknown suite, to sugge...
2018-08-03 Ian Move is_orig_file_of_p_v and its dependencies...
2018-08-03 Ian Jacksondgit: Provide print-unapplied-treeish subcommand.
2018-08-03 Ian Jacksondgit: Break out quilt_fakedsc2unapplied.
2018-08-03 Ian Jacksondgit: Rename --dgit-view-save to --save-dgit-view,...
2018-08-03 Ian Jacksondgit: Refactor %internal_object_save from $dgit_view_save
2018-07-29 Ian Jacksondgit build: Warn if --build-products-dir is not `..'. wip
2018-07-29 Ian JacksonRemove // from inside conditionals
2018-07-28 Sean Whittondgit: move cmd_sbuild
2018-07-28 Sean Whittondgit: new 'pbuilder' and 'cowbuilder' subcommands
2018-07-28 Sean Whittondgit: remove dead $need_split_build_invocation code...
2018-07-28 Sean Whittondgit: factor out build_with_binary_builder()
2018-07-28 Sean Whittondgit: fix a reference to parent directory
2018-07-28 Sean Whittondgit: set $dscfn in build_or_push_prep_early()
2018-07-28 Ian Jacksondgit: opts_opt_multi_cmd: New @$extra feature
2018-07-27 Sean WhittonUpdate copyright years
2018-07-26 Ian Jacksondgit: Abolish move_dsc_to_bpd
2018-07-26 Ian JacksonRevert "dgit: Move up $sourcechanges"
2018-07-26 Ian Jacksondgit: Move cmd_push_source down the file
2018-07-26 Ian Jacksondgit: push_source no longer cleans the tree.
2018-07-26 Ian Jacksondgit: build_source mostly uses a playtree, not $maindir
2018-07-26 Ian Jacksontest suite: Drop alwayssplit tests
2018-07-26 Ian Jacksondgit: build_prep: Provide it with $wantsrc
2018-07-26 Ian Jacksondgit: build_source: drop call to build_prep
2018-07-26 Ian Jacksondgit: build_source: Drop call to build_prep_early
2018-07-26 Ian Jacksondgit: Abolish build_source_for_push
2018-07-26 Sean Whittondgit: build_source_for_push does not try to unapply...
2018-07-26 Ian Jacksondgit: Move up $sourcechanges
2018-07-26 Sean Whittondgit: make $need_split_build_invocation always true
2018-07-26 Ian Jacksondgit: Move WANTSRC_* definitions up the file
2018-07-26 Ian Jacksondgit: Disregard *_multi.changes for .changes ambiguity...
2018-07-26 Sean Whittondgit: push-source dies if user tried to include uncommi...
2018-07-26 Sean Whittondgit: don't let the user pass --include-dirty in split...
2018-07-26 Ian Jacksondgit: Rename --ignore-dirty to --include-dirty
2018-07-26 Ian Jacksondgit: linkorigs: Fix error handling when bpd missing
2018-07-26 Ian Jacksondgit: bpd_abs(): Fix return value when bpd is absolute.
2018-07-25 Ian Jacksondgit: massage_dbp_args: Make names for $wantsrc values
2018-07-25 Sean Whittondgit: rename $ignoredirty -> $includedirty
2018-07-25 Sean Whittondgit: rename two quilt_fixup_ functions
2018-07-25 Sean Whittondgit: actually respect $buildproductsdir in many places
2018-07-25 Ian Jacksondgit: Provide $bpd_glob
2018-07-25 Sean Whittondgit: add git configura...
2018-07-25 Ian Jacksonmessages: Be a lot more friendly about NEW in particular
2018-07-23 Ian Jacksonapt-get method: when apt does not update release files...
2018-07-08 Ian Move debinatag_maintview from dgit
2018-07-08 Ian Break out parsechangelog_loop from dgit
2018-07-08 Ian Move parsecontrol etc. out of dgit
2018-07-08 Ian Jacksondgit: Fix a typo in a comment
2018-07-06 Ian Jacksondgit, git-debrebase: Properly make patches with nasty...
2018-07-05 Ian Jacksondgit: Check that entirely-new uploads to Debian are...
2018-07-04 Ian Jacksondgit: checkout: Do not leave detached HEAD!
2018-07-04 Ian Jacksondgit: checkout: New command.
2018-07-04 Ian Jacksondgit: fetch: Introduce new dofetch()
2018-07-04 Ian Jacksondgit: fetch: Reorganise cmd_fetch
2018-07-04 Ian Jacksondgit: fetch: Slightly refactor pull()
2018-07-04 Ian Jacksondgit: fetch: Rename fetch_one from fetch (nfc)
2018-07-01 Ian Jacksondgit: update-vcs-git: Honour --package properly.
2018-07-01 Ian Jacksondgit: Break out package_from_d_control (nfc)
2018-06-27 Ian Jacksondgit(7): Add discussion of quilt fixup error messages
2018-06-27 Ian Jacksondgit: Better message formatting when --overwrite may...
2018-06-26 Ian Jacksondgit: Do not introduce duplicate origs in .changes...
2018-06-26 Ian Jacksonref updates: Introduce update_ref_cmd
2018-06-22 Ian Jacksondgit: git-debrebase interop: Actually tolerate git...
2018-06-22 Ian Jacksondgit: git-debrebase interop: Add a missing debugcmd...
2018-06-21 Ian Jacksondgit: warn if vcs-git seems out of date
2018-06-21 Ian Jacksondgit: Provide `update-vcs-git' subcommand
2018-06-21 Ian Jacksondgit: --overwrite now no longer crashes if there is...
2018-06-21 Ian Jacksondgit: Non-noop git fetch is not available with --dry...
2018-06-21 Ian Jacksondgit, Clarify error framing a bit
2018-06-21 Ian Jacksondgit: Improve message for discrepant quilt fixup
2018-06-21 Ian Jacksondgit: quiltify_splitbrain: Pass $oldtiptree (o+d/p...
2018-06-21 Ian Jacksondgit: commit_quilty_patch: Handle other file statuses too
2018-06-20 Ian Jacksondgit build: Better message when network is offline.
2018-06-20 Ian Move shell_cmd from dgit
2018-06-20 Ian Jacksondgit: gitattributes: Defuse working-tree-encoding
2018-06-20 Ian Jacksondgit: gitattributes: Minor refactoring to prep for...
2018-06-17 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'gdr-manpages' into wip.rebase
2018-06-17 Ian Jacksondgit: Interoperate with git-debrebase, automatically
2018-06-17 Ian Jacksondgit: Prepare for calling git-debrebase
2018-06-16 Ian JacksonCommentary: explain why pseudomerges are the way round...
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksondgit: Bail if single-debian-patch needs committing...
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksondgit: Break out quiltify_nofix_bail (nfc)
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksonexit status: Fix dgit to use Debian::Dgit::ExitStatus
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksondgit: In quilt_fixup_multipatch, work around git checko...
2018-06-16 Ian break out git_check_unmodified from dgit
2018-06-16 Ian, dgit: Break $extra_orig_namepart_re out into...
2018-06-16 Ian Break out git_get_symref
2018-06-16 Ian Move $playground global to dgit.
2018-01-07 Ian Jacksondgit: archive-api-query: Avoid crashing due to lack...
2018-01-07 Sean WhittonUpdate some copyright info
2018-01-07 Sean Whittondgit: New command: push-source
2018-01-07 Sean Whittondgit: Implement test_source_only_changes
2018-01-07 Sean Whittondgit: build_source bypasses dpkg-buildpackage
2018-01-07 Ian JacksonMerge branch stable into master
2018-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit: When source discrepancy involves mode changes...
2018-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit: Fix suggested diff rune in split brain mode
2018-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit: Fix message about missing quilt cache entry
2017-10-22 Ian Jacksondgit: Add missing `use' for Dpkg::Compresson et al.