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Clone removes destination directory on error. Closes:#736153.
[dgit.git] / dgit.1
2014-08-03 Ian JacksonClone removes destination directory on error. Closes...
2014-07-30 Ian JacksonMention cross-version dgit rpush incompatibility in...
2014-01-19 Ian JacksonRun a clean (of the specified type) before any build...
2014-01-19 Ian JacksonProvide --build-products-dir option (and corresponding...
2013-11-07 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' into wip.remote
2013-11-07 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'wip.remote' of git+ssh://
2013-10-28 Ian Jacksonmanpage: Make discussion of --existing-package less...
2013-10-28 Ian Jacksonmanpage: Remove comment in BUGS about lack of policy...
2013-10-25 Ian JacksonRemote push support seems to work. Closes:#721185.
2013-10-25 Ian JacksonAbolish the sshdakls method and replace it with sshpsql...
2013-10-25 Ian JacksonClarify the manpage's comments about orig tarballs...
2013-10-25 Ian Jacksondgit build, by default, uses the archive to find out...
2013-10-22 Ian JacksonNew --initiator-tempdir option.
2013-10-22 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' into wip.remote
2013-10-22 Ian JacksonNew --damp-run mode, for more convenient and fuller...
2013-10-21 Ian Jacksondocs for rpush
2013-10-21 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'wip.remote' of git+ssh:// debian/0.16_experimental2
2013-10-09 Ian Jacksonfinish documenting --dgit
2013-10-09 Ian Jacksonfinish support and docs for DGIT_SSH etc. config
2013-10-09 Ian Jacksondocument --gpg=
2013-09-26 Ian Jacksonpush actually takes an optional suite, like it says...
2013-09-24 Ian JacksonMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/dgit/dgit/experim... debian/0.16_experimental1
2013-09-11 Richard Hartmanndgit*: Implement `dgit version`
2013-09-03 Richard Hartmanndgit*: Implement `dgit help`
2013-08-28 Ian JacksonNew manpage section on FILES IN THE SOURCE PACKAGE...
2013-08-28 Ian JacksonReorganise manpage sections to be in a more conventiona...
2013-08-28 Ian JacksonFix references in manpage to old Vcs-Dgit-Master field...
2013-08-28 Ian JacksonFix some bugs in dgit fetch --dry-run which made dgit...
2013-08-28 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2013-08-26 Ian JacksonNew --no-quilt-fixup option to suppress quilt fixup...
2013-08-26 Ian JacksonNew --ignore-dirty option to skip noncritical check...
2013-08-25 Ian Jacksondgit build uses dpkg-buildpackage
2013-08-24 Ian JacksonMore comprehensive workaround for `3.0 (quilt)'.
2013-08-24 Ian JacksonNew cleaning arrangements (wip).
2013-08-22 Ian JacksonName the local remote tracking branch remotes/dgit...
2013-08-22 Ian JacksonManpage formatting fix.
2013-08-22 Ian JacksonSupport dgit-distro.<distro>.keyid config option.
2013-08-22 Ian JacksonNew --distro option (helps with unknown suites).
2013-08-22 Ian Jacksoncomment on retrying dput
2013-08-22 Ian Jacksonsupport _multi.changes
2013-08-22 Ian Jacksondocument usual workflow
2013-08-22 Ian JacksonProvide "dgit sbuild".
2013-08-22 Ian Jacksonmake manpage DESCRIPTION section more formal, and other...
2013-08-22 Ian Jacksonnote TODO about quilt autocommit in manpage
2013-08-22 Ian Jacksondone the error messages
2013-08-20 Ian JacksonUsage message. Closes #720085.
2013-08-19 Ian JacksonAssorted manpage fixes.
2013-08-19 Ian JacksonFix manpage description of --existing-package.
2013-08-17 Ian Jacksonssh to coccia to dak ls (!); distinguish isuite and...
2013-08-17 Ian Jacksondeprecate 3.0 (quilt)
2013-08-17 Ian Jacksonfix quilt fixup
2013-08-17 Ian Jacksondo not clean after all
2013-08-17 Ian Jacksonclean things
2013-08-17 Ian Jacksonmore docs
2013-08-17 Ian Jacksonwip workflow docs
2013-08-17 Ian Jacksonconstruct import commits differently (merge separate...
2013-08-17 Ian Jacksondocs changes
2013-08-17 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'experimental' debian/0.2
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksona bug
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksoncanon etc. fixes
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonwip new package
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonsupport non-main
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonrename the dsc field
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonmanpages
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksona bug
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonbetter debug
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonbetter docs
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonarchive-query config
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonconfigurable mirror
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonfixes, upload-host
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonnew config...
2013-08-16 Ian Jackson-p option
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksontodos
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksondry run fetch really does not update ref
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonfix branch usage
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonmanpage quotes
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonformat 3.0 too
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonwip doc