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implement initiator_expect
[dgit.git] / TODO
2013-10-09 Ian Jacksonimplement initiator_expect
2013-09-26 Ian Jacksonwip changes for remote push - much implementation
2013-09-25 Ian Jacksonwip changes for remote push - no intentional functional...
2013-09-24 Ian Jacksonwip changes for remote push - fixes, todos
2013-08-22 Ian JacksonNew --distro option (helps with unknown suites).
2013-08-22 Ian Jacksonmake manpage DESCRIPTION section more formal, and other...
2013-08-22 Ian JacksonBetter error checking when parsing RFC822-style control...
2013-08-22 Ian Jacksonnote TODO about quilt autocommit in manpage
2013-08-22 Ian JacksonFail if a required config item is missing.
2013-08-22 Ian Jacksonmore fixes for error handling, @cmds
2013-08-17 Ian Jacksonremove empty TODO
2013-08-17 Ian Jacksondocs changes
2013-08-17 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'experimental' debian/0.2
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonrename the dsc field
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonnew config...
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksontodos
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonmore todo
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksondry run fetch really does not update ref
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonfix branch usage
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonfix dstdir
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonfix todos, all NOTES now in code
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonfix todos (do not duplicate manpage BUGS)
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksontodo
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonwip
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksonwip doc
2013-08-16 Ian Jacksontodos
2013-08-15 Ian Jacksonsuite canonicalisation, other fixes
2013-08-15 Ian Jacksonwip from tests
2013-08-15 Ian Jacksonwip
2013-08-15 Ian Jacksondone push perhaps
2013-08-15 Ian Jacksondgit (0.1) experimental; urgency=low
2013-08-15 Ian Jacksonmore TODO
2013-08-14 Ian Jacksonwip push
2013-08-13 Ian JacksonTODOs
2013-08-13 Ian Jacksonrmadison
2013-08-13 Ian Jacksonwip