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Move various useful functions into Necessitates some slightly fancy footwor...
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2015-05-31 Ian JacksonMove various useful functions into Necessitat...
2015-05-31 Ian Move debugging earlier in file (pure code...
2015-05-31 Ian Fix next's in git_for_each_tag_referring which...
2015-05-31 Ian Add debugging to git_for_each_...
2015-05-31 Ian JacksonInfra: Exit statuses: work around bizarre behaviour...
2015-05-31 Ian Introduce $deliberately_re and use it everywhere
2015-05-31 Ian export git_for_each_tag_referring
2015-05-31 Ian Jacksongit_for_each_ref: Fix FH handling
2015-05-31 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-policy-debian: WIP bugfixes to debugging
2015-05-31 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-policy-debian: WIP bugfixes to debugging
2015-05-31 Ian JacksonDiagnostics: Make shellquote() print empty arguments...
2015-05-31 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-policy-debian: Add debugging output
2015-05-31 Ian JacksonDebugging: use typeglobs to simplify various things...
2015-05-31 Ian JacksonRename $debug variable to $debuglevel (nfc)
2015-05-31 Ian JacksonMove a $debug check into printdebug (nfc)
2015-05-31 Ian JacksonDebugging output: Break out debugcmd into and...
2015-05-31 Ian JacksonMove dgit's debugging arrangements into
2015-05-31 Ian JacksonPolicy hook protocol: define bits in hex (nfc)
2015-05-31 Ian JacksonNew policy admin script
2015-04-15 Ian JacksonProvide $component_re
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonBugfixes (now tests/tests/drs-clone-nogit works)
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonBugfixes (now tests/tests/clone-nogit works)
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonRepos policy machinery: better docs, etc.
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonIntroduce git_for_each_tag_referring
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonIntroduce git_for_each_ref
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonMove stat_exists to
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonBreak out $branchprefix, server_branch, server_ref...
2015-03-22 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-server: Deal with FRESHREPO from push hook
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonExport policy hook exist status flags from
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonMove $package_re into Debian::Dgit
2015-03-22 Ian JacksonIntroduce Debian/