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do a thing with tested.other
[dgit-junk.git] / sometest-to-tested
2019-07-07 Ian Jacksonbreak out sometest-run
2019-05-29 Ian Jacksonwhitespace, nfc
2018-08-26 Ian Jacksonmove eatmydata setting into new settings-test-env-vars
2018-08-26 Ian Jacksondrop tmp handling, now done by run-all etc.
2018-08-26 Ian Jacksonhonour DGIT_SOMETEST_TMP
2018-08-26 Ian Jacksonadd invocation of time
2018-08-25 Ian Jacksonuse eatmydata
2016-09-22 Ian Jackson*-to-tested: rm tests/tmp (since it can contain results...
2016-09-22 Ian Jackson*-to-master => *-to-pretest