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remove some obsolete source-depends stuff
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2000-11-04 aphremove some obsolete source-depends stuff
2000-09-20 joycompliance with Policy 3.2.1
2000-04-17 aphdon't compress PDF
2000-04-17 aphpurge the constitution
2000-04-17 aphinstall common.ent and housekeeping
2000-03-07 joyChanged debiandoc2latex2epdf to debiandoc2latexpdf...
1999-09-12 aphfix a bug in how we deal with debian/control
1999-09-12 aphdynamically generate the TOC in the package description...
1999-08-17 aph2.7.0 update, see the changelog
1999-05-09 aphre-enable letter-sized PDFs
1999-05-04 aph * Sec. "Architectures": correction on supported archi...
1999-04-10 aphhack 'byhand' file entries to include debian version...
1999-04-03 aphmaking PDF now, not PS; deal with new debiandoc-sgml...
1999-03-03 aphhousekeeping
1999-02-11 aphremove menu file
1998-12-29 aphadded version.ent to docdir for Bug#31034
1998-11-19 aphuse changelog date for SGML timestamping, not current...
1998-11-08 aphdebiandoc2ps done in build, not binary-indep
1998-11-07 aphwhy bother checking for root, don't be a fascist
1998-10-19 aphcosmetic changes
1998-09-28 aphremove source-depends rule, not needed....
1998-09-20 aphfix source-depends
1998-07-28 aphadded source depends hackery
1998-07-16 aphlotsa bugfixing
1998-07-16 aphradical aph'ification of rules
1998-07-14 aphdynamic version numbering and date
1998-07-14 aphnon-maintainer release
1998-07-14 aph\Initial Import\\