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ownerIan Jackson - midlevel account
last changeTue, 3 Mar 2015 19:34:29 +0000 (19:34 +0000)
2015-03-03 Ian Jacksonserialmgr: Look for things in /usr, not /usr/local master
2015-03-03 Ian Jacksonserialmgrd: Support recent versions of perl
2015-02-27 Ian JacksonDebian: Build-Depend on autotools
2015-02-24 Ian JacksonInstall serialmgr and run_sympathy in examples director...
2015-02-24 Ian JacksonUse ${misc:Pre-Depends} for Pre-Depends rather than...
2015-02-24 Ian JacksonCopyright: add copyright notice and licence for debian/*
2015-02-20 Ian Jacksonserialmgr: Copy from
2015-02-20 Ian JacksonPackaging fixes
2015-02-20 Ian JacksonIgnore some files generated by Debian build
2015-02-20 Ian JacksonRemove some more build output files
2015-02-20 Ian JacksonSome Debian packaging
2015-02-20 Ian JacksonAdd copyright licences.
2015-02-20 Ian JacksonChange James's email address
2015-02-20 Ian JacksonRemove build products
2015-02-20 Ian JacksonRemove results of configure
2015-02-20 Ian JacksonAdd .gitignore
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