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ownerIan Jackson - midlevel account
last changeSun, 26 Jun 2022 01:43:49 +0000 (02:43 +0100)
2022-06-26 Ian Jacksonchangelog: document further make-release changes main otter-1.2.1
2022-06-26 Ian Jacksonmake-release: unset http proxy variables
2022-06-26 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document keybinding disambiguation fix
2022-06-26 Ian Jacksonscript: Builtin per-piece actions properly uniqueness...
2022-06-26 Ian Jacksonscript: Break out prep_add_uo
2022-06-26 Ian JacksonCargo.toml: Update all versions to 1.2.1
2022-06-26 Ian Jacksonchangelog: document recent changes
2022-06-26 Ian Jacksonmake-release: Add a checklist entry for cargo audit
2022-06-26 Ian Jacksoncargo update
2022-06-26 Ian Jacksonmake-release: Add a checklist entry to run with --dry-run
2022-06-26 Ian Jacksonscript: Fix event propagation (for Chromium)
2022-06-24 Ian Jacksondocs: Fix date of 1.2.0 in in changelog
2022-06-24 Ian Jacksondocs: bundles: Properly document format statuses
2022-06-23 Ian JacksonCargo.toml: Update all versions to 1.2.0 otter-1.2.0
2022-06-23 Ian Jacksoncargo: update x11rb
2022-06-23 Ian Jacksoncargo: update usvg
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