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ownerIan Jackson - midlevel account
last changeTue, 17 Aug 2021 17:07:01 +0000 (18:07 +0100)
2021-08-17 Ian JacksonREADME: document trouble with tricky packages, and... main nailing-cargo/1.0.0
2021-08-17 Ian JacksonREADME: clarify documentation around -E and -EE
2021-08-17 Ian JacksonREADME: update copyright date
2021-08-17 Ian JacksonREADME: typo fixes
2021-08-17 Ian JacksonREADME: complete and sort the known subcommands list
2021-08-17 Ian Jacksonnailing-argo: sort the command table
2021-08-17 Ian Jacksonnailing-cargo: Properly handle renamed packages
2021-07-16 Ian JacksonAdd a comment regarding toml manipulation
2021-06-24 Ian Jacksonadd cargo metadata
2021-06-21 Ian Jacksonlinkfarm-depth: Suppress a spurious warning
2021-06-21 Ian JacksonREADME: Document that --linkfarm overrides -E
2021-06-21 Ian JacksonNew --force, and make lack of -E fail by default
2021-06-21 Ian JacksonProvide subcmd mode `creates` and specify it for `cargo...
2021-06-21 Ian JacksonImplement -EE (copy-edit-all)
2021-06-21 Ian JacksonUsage message: Mention --edits-sources
2021-06-21 Ian JacksonDebug dump: Dump values of more computed command line...
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