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ownerIan Jackson - midlevel account
last changeSat, 6 Feb 2016 18:32:04 +0000 (18:32 +0000)
2016-02-06 Ian Jacksonplugins: Support user configuration of default values for/aleph-objects master
2016-02-06 Ian JacksonpauseAtZ plugin: Support re-homing X and Y before resta...
2016-02-06 Ian JacksonPostprocessing plugin errors: print them to stderr too
2016-02-06 Ian JacksonpauseAtZ plugin: Make 15mm in Z park height configurable
2016-02-06 Ian Jacksondev-cura: Make into a proper script
2016-02-06 Ian JacksonLook for CuraEngine in ..../CuraEngine/build/CuraEngine...
2016-02-06 Ian JacksonReplace uses of "sudo" in Debian package builds with...
2016-01-28 nickthetaitIncrement version number
2016-01-28 nickthetaitUpdate several flexystruder profiles for Mini
2016-01-26 nickthetaitUpdate stock quickprint profiles for TAZ6
2016-01-26 nickthetaitSight improvement in usefulness of LulzBot ready page
2016-01-26 nickthetaitUpdate a few more items in about screen
2016-01-26 nickthetaitUpdate toolhead naming
2016-01-26 nickthetaitSmall refactor of version upgrade
2016-01-26 nickthetaitFix merge problem
2016-01-26 nickthetaitAdd a default firmware for Taz 6
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