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2019-12-30 Ian JacksonLegal: Update tests/filter/ inputs and outputs
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonLegal: Add copyright, licence and warranty notice to...
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonLegal: Add NO WARRANTY everywhere
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksongenerate: Avoid $err_file undefined warning during...
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksongenerate: Mention suppressions when warning re VAR...
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonSyntax: Support &:local+global !...
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontests/filter: Test &:local+global & vs non-&
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonSyntax: Rescope effect of &:local+global
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksonsubdirmk: Fix a Subdir left over in README
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonSyntax: Expand &$( and &$NN to use ${ } rather than...
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksondoctests: Allow parenthetical comments as an expansion RHS
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonREADME: Swap order of &$( and &$NN
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonSyntax: Use ${top_srcdir} rather than $(top_srcdir)
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonSyntax: expand &$... to ${....} rather than $(....)
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonWarnings: Introduce new `broken-var-ref' warning
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontests/filter: Print all the diffs, not just the first
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonREADME: Refer to example/
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonREADME: Move the "how to use" up
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonREADME: Add another layer of structure
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonREADME: Move the Warnings section up into what is going...
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonREADME: deinent the macro explaation
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonREADME: Further miscellaneous fixes and clarifications
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonREADME: Document that local+global is not 100% accurate
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonREADME: More syntax further up
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonWarning reporting: Report each warning only once
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonWarning reporting: Provide &:local+global directive
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonWarning reporting: Add a test of the warning suppressio...
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonWarning reporting: Warning suppression system
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontest/filter; Cause some warnings, to check they appear
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonWarnings: Sort occurrences properly in local+global...
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonWarnings: Warn for confusing single-char $ expansions
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonWarnings: Track variable references in &-expansions
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonWarnings: Track basic $-references
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonWarnings: Track settings of variables
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonWarnings: Infrastructure for tracking and warning about...
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonWarnings: generate: Basic `wrn' function
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontests/filter/check: Capture generate's stderr
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontest/filter: Test &${ ... } rather better
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksongenerate: Fix &${ } end condition
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksongenerate: Fix { } in &${ to actually output the { }
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontests/filter: Rename `doctest' -> `doctests' everywhere
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonREADME: Move &:changequote further down
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonREADME: Explain a wrinkle in &:include filename semantics
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksongenerate: use oraw in a few more places
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonREADME: Miscellaneous fixes and clarifications
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonREADME: Document restriction on $-doubling and lack...
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonREADME: Move `Tables of file reference syntaxes' down
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonBig incompatible change: Rename `Subdir' to `Dir'
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonError handling: Fix messages resulting from bad directi...
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksongenerate: Nested scope: Change `Eval' to `eval'
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksongenerate: Nested scope: Change `Macro' to `macro'
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonError handling: Trim the `bad escape' message.e
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonError handling: Better reporting of nest-related errors
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonError handling: Often say `subdirmk' rather than `$0'
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonError handling: Replace or update many calls to `die'
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonError handling: Provide err and ddbl_only, and an inter...
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksongenerate: Make @nest always be nonempty
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksongenerate: Do not tolerate unclosed nested scopes at EOF
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonMacro assistance part 2 - syntax for $(eval $(call...
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonMacro assistance part 1 - macro directive
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksondoctests: Rename `desc' etc. in extract-doctest from...
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksondoctests: Improve entry description filter
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonDollar doubling feature
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontests/filter/.gitignore: Ignore all .tmp
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksongenerate: Introduce oraw
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksongenerate: Introduce od
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksonexample: Introduce a and test it
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontests/filter: Test
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonInterface: Read
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonREADME: fix TARGETS text for new tidier semantics
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonInterface: Rename Perdir to Suffix; provide Prefix
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksongenerate: Make many dir vars globals
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksongenerate: Fix an erroneous comment
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksongenerate: Drop comment about input files
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontests/check: Dynamic parallism choice
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontests/check: Show parallel make rune we run
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontests: Run in parallel
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontests/example: Reset times of (copied) source files too
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontests/example: Build in a copy
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontests/build-common: Copy subdirmk, rather than symlinking
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontests/intree: Make copy and break out from tests/example
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksonbuild tests: Break out build-common
2019-12-29 Ian Clarify documentation about realclean
2019-12-29 Ian Document CONFIG_STATUS_OUTPUTS
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontest/example/check: Reset times for regen tests
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontest/example/check: Make sections appear in stderr...
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontests/example/check: Better handling of makefile updates
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontests/example: Include files in SUBDIRMK_MAK...
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontests/example: Correct filename for
2019-12-29 Ian Debugging, controlled by SUBDIRMK_REGEN_NDEBUG
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontests: Test
2019-12-29 Ian JacksonREADME: Do not assert that all directive arguments...
2019-12-29 Ian JacksonREADME: Document NEWQUOTE\$ in changequote
2019-12-29 Ian JacksonSyntax: Line joining with &\
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontests: Test &TARGETS feature
2019-12-29 Ian JacksonSyntax: Refine &TARGETS_things, mostly to avoid # wrinkle
2019-12-28 Ian JacksonSyntax: only some directives' RHS should be &-expanded
2019-12-28 Ian JacksonSyntax: Provide &$VARIABLE
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksondoctests: Test in sub/dir too
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksondoctests: Add missing & from include