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2020-01-11 Ian Jacksontests/filter/extract-doctests: Use $withspcs more
2020-01-11 Ian Jacksontests/filter/extract-doctests: Improve an error message
2020-01-11 Ian Jacksontests/filter/extract-doctests: Recognise directives...
2020-01-11 Ian JacksonSyntax: Incompatible change: Use &{ not &${ for macros
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonLegal: Update tests/filter/ inputs and outputs
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonLegal: Add copyright, licence and warranty notice to...
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksongenerate: Mention suppressions when warning re VAR...
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonSyntax: Support &:local+global !...
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontests/filter: Test &:local+global & vs non-&
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonSyntax: Rescope effect of &:local+global
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksondoctests: Allow parenthetical comments as an expansion RHS
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonSyntax: expand &$... to ${....} rather than $(....)
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonWarnings: Introduce new `broken-var-ref' warning
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontests/filter: Print all the diffs, not just the first
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonWarning reporting: Report each warning only once
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonWarning reporting: Provide &:local+global directive
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonWarning reporting: Add a test of the warning suppressio...
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonWarning reporting: Warning suppression system
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontest/filter; Cause some warnings, to check they appear
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontests/filter/check: Capture generate's stderr
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontest/filter: Test &${ ... } rather better
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontests/filter: Rename `doctest' -> `doctests' everywhere
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonBig incompatible change: Rename `Subdir' to `Dir'
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonMacro assistance part 2 - syntax for $(eval $(call...
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonMacro assistance part 1 - macro directive
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksondoctests: Rename `desc' etc. in extract-doctest from...
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksondoctests: Improve entry description filter
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonDollar doubling feature
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontests/filter/.gitignore: Ignore all .tmp
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontests/filter: Test
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonInterface: Read
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonInterface: Rename Perdir to Suffix; provide Prefix
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontests: Test
2019-12-29 Ian JacksonSyntax: Line joining with &\
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontests: Test &TARGETS feature
2019-12-28 Ian JacksonSyntax: only some directives' RHS should be &-expanded
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksondoctests: Test in sub/dir too
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksondoctests: Add missing & from include
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksondoctests: check: Define i and o vars
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksondoctests: Fail on extraction if we don't understand...
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksontests/filter/check: Enable pipefail
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksondoctests: Extract and use
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksondoctests: Fix newline handling in changequote mode...
2019-12-28 Ian JacksonREADME, doctests: Use NEWQUOTE instead of STUFF
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksondoctests: Provide extract-doctest
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksongenerate: Track output Makefiles properly
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksontests/filter: Add .../sub/dir
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksontests/filter: New test framework for generate