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README: Update copyright date
[subdirmk.git] / tests / filter / check
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonLegal: Add copyright, licence and warranty notice to...
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontests/filter: Print all the diffs, not just the first
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontests/filter/check: Capture generate's stderr
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksontests/filter: Rename `doctest' -> `doctests' everywhere
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksondoctests: check: Define i and o vars
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksontests/filter/check: Enable pipefail
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksondoctests: Extract and use
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksontests/filter: Add .../sub/dir
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksontests/filter: New test framework for generate