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2019-12-30 Ian JacksonBig incompatible change: Rename `Subdir' to `Dir'
2019-12-30 Ian Jacksonexample: Introduce a and test it
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontests/example: Reset times of (copied) source files too
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontests/example: Build in a copy
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontests/intree: Make copy and break out from tests/example
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksonbuild tests: Break out build-common
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontest/example/check: Reset times for regen tests
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontest/example/check: Make sections appear in stderr...
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontests/example/check: Better handling of makefile updates
2019-12-29 Ian Debugging, controlled by SUBDIRMK_REGEN_NDEBUG
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksontests: Shuffle, make tests/check run all the tests