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2019-12-30 Ian JacksonBig incompatible change: Rename `Subdir' to `Dir'
2019-12-30 Ian JacksonInterface: Read
2019-12-29 Ian Clarify documentation about realclean
2019-12-29 Ian Document CONFIG_STATUS_OUTPUTS
2019-12-29 Ian Jacksontests/example: Include files in SUBDIRMK_MAK...
2019-12-29 Ian Debugging, controlled by SUBDIRMK_REGEN_NDEBUG
2019-12-28 Ian JacksonMerge from secnet
2019-12-08 Ian Jacksondocs: Minor fixes to comment
2019-11-24 Ian Jacksonsubdirmk: Fix bug in
2019-11-14 Ian Jacksonsubdirmk: Rename MAKEFILES variable
2019-11-14 Ian Jacksonsubdirmk: Honour CONFIG_STATUS_OUTPUTS
2019-11-13 Ian JacksonTranspose directories