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Introduce CDEPS_CFLAGS so without you don't get .*.d
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2019-11-13 Ian Jacksonabbreviate some copyright notices
2019-11-13 Ian Jacksonadd copyright and licence notices to example .[ch]...
2019-11-13 Ian Jacksonchange filenames
2019-11-13 Ian Jacksonfix out of tree builds
2019-11-13 Ian Jacksontidying
2019-11-11 Ian JacksonWIP
2019-11-10 Ian JacksonWIP
2019-11-10 Ian JacksonWIP NEW STYLE
2019-11-10 Ian JacksonRENAME TO .IN
2019-11-08 Mark Woodinglib/t/toytest.c: Make test more perspicuous.
2019-11-08 Mark WoodingExample project using nonrecursive make.