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2019-12-29 Ian JacksonSyntax: Line joining with &\
2019-12-29 Ian JacksonSyntax: Refine &TARGETS_things, mostly to avoid # wrinkle
2019-12-28 Ian JacksonSyntax: only some directives' RHS should be &-expanded
2019-12-28 Ian JacksonSyntax: Provide &$VARIABLE
2019-12-28 Ian JacksonSyntax: Use &\ for escaping; abolish \&
2019-12-28 Ian JacksonSyntax: Introduce &. and friends
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksongenerate: Provide $var_prefix_name to process_input_mk
2019-12-28 Ian JacksonSyntax: Introduce &:changequote
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksongenerate: Track output Makefiles properly
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksongenerate: Handle nodes with no own
2019-12-28 Ian Jacksongenerate: Add missing final newline to
2019-12-28 Ian JacksonMerge from secnet
2019-12-08 Ian Jackson&TARGETS*: make autogenerated targets .PHONY
2019-12-07 Ian Jacksonsubdirmk: Suppress MAKEFILE_TEMPLATES when running...
2019-12-07 Ian Jacksonsubdirmk: break out subdirmk_target in generated Makefile
2019-12-04 Ian Jacksonsubdirmk: stub Makefiles: filter out `all'
2019-11-24 Ian Jacksonsubdirmk: Change stub force target to `'
2019-11-24 Ian Jacksonsubdirmk: Fix bug when target in subdir exists
2019-11-14 Ian Jacksonsubdirmk: Go back to ^ and ~
2019-11-14 Ian Jacksonsubdirmk: Implement new syntax
2019-11-14 Ian Jacksonsubdirmk: Actually clear right variable
2019-11-14 Ian Jacksonsubdirmk: clear SUBDIRMK_MAKEFILES MAKEFILE_TE...
2019-11-14 Ian Jacksonsubdirmk: Rename MAKEFILES variable
2019-11-14 Ian Jacksonsubdirmk: Make \& work (!)
2019-11-13 Ian JacksonTranspose directories