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descriptionprogram to generate a new board for Pandemic Rising Tide
ownerIan Jackson
last changeThu, 21 Mar 2019 00:52:51 +0000 (00:52 +0000)
2019-03-21 Ian JacksonMakefile: shrink preview of pdf master
2019-03-20 Ian Jacksonrename text files to end in .txt in www
2019-03-20 Ian Jacksonmention in README that it might be found in the output...
2019-03-20 Ian Jacksongenerate-plag: add an autogeneration comment
2019-03-20 Ian JacksonMakefile: add git push to publication target
2019-03-20 Ian Jacksonpreview png, actually make it a png
2019-03-20 Ian Jacksonpreview png
2019-03-10 Ian Jacksonpublish map.plag too
2019-03-10 Ian Jacksondocs: for publication, etc.
2019-03-10 Ian JacksonCopyright licenses and legal information, and README.
2019-03-10 Ian Jacksonmove into NZ from generate-plag
2019-03-10 Ian Jacksonmove into NZ from
2019-03-10 Ian Jacksondrop old colours thing
2019-03-10 Ian Jacksonmove into AP PlayHint
2019-03-10 Ian Jacksonmove into AP SeaTrack
2019-03-10 Ian Jacksonmove into HS1 array
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