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ownerTony Finch
last changeThu, 23 May 2024 11:22:21 +0000 (12:22 +0100)
2024-05-23 Matthew VernonRemove link to out-of-date repository master
2024-05-22 Tony FinchThanks to Paul Haughton for the bug report
2024-05-22 Tony Finchutil: can't push to ucam gitlab any more
2024-05-22 Tony Finchregpg-1.12.X
2024-05-22 Tony Finchregpg-1.12 regpg-1.12
2024-05-22 Tony Finchregpg: better support for spaced out filenames
2024-05-22 Tony Finchansible: compatibility with more recent versions
2024-05-22 Tony Finchtest: newer versions of openssl genrsa are quieter
2024-05-22 Tony Finchregpg: make genspki cope with different private key...
2024-05-22 Tony Finchregpg: cope with Mac OS X's lack of SHA256 crypt(3)
2024-05-22 Tony Finchtest: AEAD is at least as good as MDC
2020-04-27 Tony FinchReGPG::Login: fix broken $VERSION
2020-04-27 Tony Finchregpg gendnskey: my standard dnssec-keygen options
2020-04-27 Tony Finchregpg: get name of DNSSEC key file more neatly
2020-04-27 Tony Finchregpg: dnssec_encrypt needs to return 0 for success
2020-04-27 Tony Finchregpg: add some section marker comments
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