descriptioncreate nsupdate script from zone file differences
ownerTony Finch
last changeTue, 26 Mar 2024 10:05:43 +0000 (10:05 +0000)
2024-03-26 Tony Finchdist: fix debian bind9 dependencies and package build... trunk
2024-03-25 Tony Finchdoc: appease licence bureaucrats
2024-03-20 Tony Finchdist: ensure debian changelog is up-to-date
2024-03-20 Tony Finchdist: update debian changelog
2024-03-20 Tony Finchdist: create "web" directory for debian package too
2024-03-20 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.85 nsdiff-1.85
2024-03-20 Tony Finchnsdiff: fix warning about undefined variable
2024-03-19 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.84
2024-03-19 Tony Finchdist: be quiet, ExtUtils::MakeMaker
2024-03-19 Tony Finchdist: create "web" directory if it is missing
2024-03-19 Tony Finchdist: update git remote name
2024-03-19 Tony Finchdist: gitignore build gubbins
2024-03-19 Tony Finchdoc: pretty-print long help with terminal escapes
2024-03-19 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.83 nsdiff-1.83
2024-03-19 Tony Finchdist: switch to 0BSD OR MIT-0
2024-03-19 Tony Finchnsvi: neater prompts
4 months ago nsdiff-1.85 nsdiff-1.85
4 months ago nsdiff-1.83 nsdiff-1.83
4 years ago nsdiff-1.82 nsdiff-1.82
4 years ago nsdiff-1.81 nsdiff-1.81
4 years ago nsdiff-1.80 nsdiff-1.80
4 years ago nsdiff-1.79
4 years ago nsdiff-1.78
5 years ago nsdiff-1.77
5 years ago nsdiff-1.76
6 years ago nsdiff-1.75
6 years ago nsdiff-1.74
8 years ago nsdiff-1.73
8 years ago nsdiff-1.72
8 years ago nsdiff-1.71
9 years ago nsdiff-1.70
9 years ago nsdiff-1.61
3 months ago trunk