descriptionCompact formats for the leap seconds list
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2021-06-18 Tony Finchspec: clarify short nibbles
2021-05-11 Tony Finchpreen
2021-05-11 Tony Finchpreen test
2021-05-11 Tony Finchsearch for proximate leap seconds
2021-05-11 Tony Finchupdate README
2021-05-11 Tony Finchpreen fuzz tests
2021-05-11 Tony Fincha better fix for the fuzzy bug
2021-05-11 Tony Finchsome fuzz testing
2021-05-09 Tony Finchmake can remember my cargo command line for me
2021-05-09 Tony Finchdocumentation, except for nist
2021-05-09 Tony Finchmake bytecode output into an iterator
2021-05-09 Tony Finchmove prescan phase to its own function and add len_byte...
2021-05-09 Tony Finchmake an iterator for scanning the widecodes
2021-05-09 Tony Finchsimplify the iterators in `mod bin` by making their...
2021-05-09 Tony Finchprint binary format as hex
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