descriptionmy bespoke keyboard designs
ownerTony Finch
last changeTue, 16 Apr 2024 08:52:20 +0000 (09:52 +0100)
2024-04-16 Tony Finchmore inspiration model-b
2024-04-15 Tony Finchupdate schematic and pcb with corrected footprint
2024-04-15 Tony Finchfuck the rp2040-tiny footprint was flipped :-(
2024-03-15 Tony Finchfix pcb rendering in bendy case, and simplify a tiny bit
2024-03-15 Tony Finchinclude extra foot layers in the accent perspex
2024-03-15 Tony Finchincrease clearance between laser cut parts
2024-03-15 Tony Finchdisplay miliseconds properly
2024-03-15 Tony Finchskip f13
2024-02-20 Tony Finchprune C&P droppings
2024-02-20 Tony Finchscale() makes the CAD kernel work too hard
2024-02-20 Tony Finchdraw the innards of the case and show sections through it
2024-02-16 Tony Finchdraw the curvy case with the nice new superellipsoids
2024-02-16 Tony Finchinclude a simple bezier surface as a first example
2024-02-16 Tony Finchuse an array with a handle instead of an array by value
2024-02-16 Tony Finchimproved comentary, expecially re. bezier surfaces
2024-02-15 Tony Finchimprove default isometric view
3 months ago model-b