descriptiona 64-bit histogram / quantile sketch
ownerTony Finch
last changeFri, 10 Mar 2023 11:44:11 +0000 (11:44 +0000)
2023-03-10 Tony Finchdrop the TODO, to be done another way trunk
2023-03-10 Tony Finchnicer order of functions
2023-03-09 Tony FinchAdd hg64_put(), the counterpart of hg64_get()
2023-03-09 Tony Finchgitignore sigs
2023-03-09 Tony Finchpreen hg64_next()
2023-03-06 Tony Finchfix `make clean`
2023-03-06 Tony Finchsigs: a small program for converting significant bits...
2022-12-07 Tony Finchfurther hg64_next clarifications
2022-12-07 Tony Finchimprove terminology in header, and the description...
2022-12-06 Tony Finchadd a `hg64_next()` iterator helper
2022-12-01 Tony Finchsuppress unused value warning
2022-12-01 Tony Finchprintf portability
2022-12-01 Tony FinchBuild with warnings and optimizations by default
2022-12-01 Tony FinchCorrect range of sigbits
2022-12-01 Tony FinchNotes on sigbits and linking requirements
2022-12-01 Tony Finchmore POSIXly correct Makefile
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