descriptionpcg32-xsh-rr and pcg64-dxsm implemented in C
ownerTony Finch
last changeThu, 23 May 2024 16:05:24 +0000 (17:05 +0100)
2024-05-23 Tony FinchForward declare pcg_rand() like the other inline functions trunk
2024-05-07 Tony Finchgitignore generated files
2024-05-07 Tony FinchClean up the README
2024-02-26 Tony Finchdrop DRY mode, it's simpler if pcg{32,64}.? are always...
2023-06-22 Tony Finchadd a better default increment
2023-06-22 Tony Finchimprove function names
2023-06-21 Tony Finchnote important part of seed function
2023-06-21 Tony Finchanother link re pcg64_dxsm's design
2023-06-21 Tony Finchfloating point output
2023-06-21 Tony Finchmore portable default CFLAGS
2023-06-21 Tony Finchship dry mode by default
2023-06-21 Tony Finchprune and preen
2023-06-15 Tony FinchGenerate pcg{32,64}.{c,h}
2023-06-15 Tony FinchStyle
2023-06-15 Tony FinchDocumentation!
2023-06-15 Tony FinchA test program to make sure pcg32 and pcg64 can be...
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