descriptionhandle DNS NOTIFY messages by running a command
ownerTony Finch
last changeSat, 20 May 2023 16:10:34 +0000 (18:10 +0200)
2023-05-20 Tony Finchdumpaxfr: append " @" more safely trunk
2023-05-20 Tony FinchMake trailing dots less of a trip hazard
2022-11-29 Tony FinchMake names easier to read
2022-11-29 Tony Finchdumpxfer: examine the bytes of a zone transfer
2022-09-12 Tony FinchUpdate license to 0BSD OR MIT-0
2022-01-28 Tony Finchmake: update remotes after pushing
2022-01-28 Tony Finchhtml: update
2022-01-28 Tony FinchREADME: link to 2.0 announcement
2022-01-25 Tony Finchnsnotifyd-2.0 nsnotifyd-2.0
2022-01-25 Tony Finchversion: update html when preparing for a release
2022-01-25 Tony Finchmake: upload everything to the usual place
2022-01-24 Tony Finchmake: move glibc feature test macros into the per-platf...
2022-01-24 Tony Finchmake: suppress warnings in libbind
2022-01-24 Tony Finchhtml: update
2022-01-24 Tony Finchman: performance considerations, and lint cleanups
2022-01-24 Tony FinchREADME: gnumake not needed any more
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