descriptionconvert a time into several timezones
ownerTony Finch
last changeThu, 17 Mar 2022 15:22:38 +0000 (15:22 +0000)
2022-03-17 Tony Finchdatez-0.2.0 trunk datez-0.2.0
2022-03-17 Tony FinchDeduplicate output lines
2022-03-17 Tony Finchrustfmt
2022-03-17 Tony FinchAvoid unused import warnings in non-windows builds
2021-11-10 Ollivier Robert[clippy] fix warnings.
2021-11-10 Ollivier RobertFix Windows timzeones.
2021-11-09 Tony Finch[doc] preen readme layout datez-0.1.0
2021-11-09 Tony Finch[port] test_localzone() is unix-only
2021-11-09 Tony Finchadd Ollivier as an author and bump version number
2021-11-09 Tony Finch[port] match Unix and Windows TZ environment behaviour
2021-11-09 Tony Finch[test] do not mix environment variables and threads
2021-11-09 Tony Finchbuild docs
2021-11-09 Tony Finchpreen docs + comments
2021-11-09 Ollivier RobertTestdata for parse_tz().
2021-11-09 Ollivier RobertAdd testdata for parse_time().
2021-11-09 Ollivier RobertComment print_time().
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